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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Last Day in San Carlos - 2 different worlds

Saturday morning – a little cloudy here today so it is not really hot, nice breeze. We are the only RV here. The two rigs that were here yesterday left this a.m. Right now Bill and the owner of the park are sitting here talking up a storm. Evesdropping I think they said -The RV park is on city water that comes from a purifying plant in Huatabampo (the town). The main water line runs to another little town south of here, Yavaros. With a line branching off to here. Certain days of the week the water goes to Yavaros and the other days it comes to here. So both places have to have big water tanks to store enough water for a couple of days. Interesting system.

Our last day in San Carlos we went back into Guaymas – didn’t see our friendly policeman – and discovered that the Home Depot was having it’s Grand Opening. Of course we had to stop. Actually we did have to as we needed a 27 inch dowel to hold one of the windows closed when traveling. The rough road broke the latch off. Almost all the parking places were filled. People everywhere – like a big party with cotton candy, music and PA systems going full blast.
The parking lot was really neat. All done in squares of grass and cement. I think that truck has South Dakota plates. Lots of plates from the US in the lot.
Lots of people inside and zillions of bright sparkling employees. We had four people helping us get the dowel. Had to buy a long piece and get it cut. No problem.
We saw some really neat wood like vinyl tile flooring – a case that would cover a little over a square yard was selling for US$7.70 – after conversions. It was set up like very Home Depot everywhere.
One different really interesting thing – the parking lot had a guard tower. And he was really watching people. Wonder why some of the big parking lots in the US don’t do this? Or would we resent it?
We went to another of the big super markets in Guaymas – we are looking for Egg Beaters. Have not found them yet – Not in WalMart or Sam’s Club either. Wonder if we will find them here anywhere – our quest for the winter.
Back to San Carlos we too the road up to El Mirador – The Viewpoint. Very pretty up there. I love the mix of the ocean and the rugged desert with its jagged rocks and cactus.
The ever present vendors. It amazes me where they set up. Everything out on those tables has to be packed up, loaded into the car and taken home only to do the same thing tomorrow. Sure hope he sells something. The items on the front table are iron wood carvings and they are just beautiful. I always see one I love – but am running out of space at home for stuff.
Coming down the hill from the view point. Another area of San Carlos. A second marina, big big homes, condos, hotels and “resorts.”  

Then we continued to drive north along the Gulf coast. Right after the last big resort hotel the road turned to gravel. There was a sign point ahead that said La Manga. It is a tiny fishing village. The second of the two worlds. Dirt roads. Lots of boats and small homes. A couple of restaurants and some vendors.
Some of the homes had palm frond roofs. The big black water tank sits next to the road.
It was kind of an overcast day so the pictures are a little dark – sorry. And this one we were moving. But this is something we’ve never seen in Mexico before. An old truck camper is being used as a home. A roof has been built over it and another little room has been added.
As we looked around we saw lots and lots of campers, a few trailers, old motorhomes and 5th wheels. Were they all being used as homes? No idea.
This family was selling beautiful sea shells – Bill wouldn’t even slow down – pout pout!
He is getting ready to replace his roof.
And always the kids playing soccer. Every town has at least one soccer field.
So now I think I'm up to date.

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