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Thursday, November 15, 2012

A nice day in San Carlos

Spent yesterday just roaming around the area. I just plain didn’t want to travel. It was a beautiful day, perfect weather. First we checked out another supermarket in San Carlos. It was very nice – not as big as the Ley chain but it had just about everything you’d need. This particular display always fascinates me. Doesn’t it look like a soda pop display? Actually it is dish detergent.
Stopped to put gas in the Jeep and I noticed this store across the street. It says “Some days we’re open. Some days we’re not.” I love it.
Then we drove along the Gulf towards Guaymas. Stopped at the Delfinario to look around.
It is only open for visitors on the weekends but from the parking lot we could see a trainer and a couple of sea lions going through their routines.
Can just see his face and flippers that he would clap on command. They also have therapeutic swimming with the dolphins for children. 
Drove through this housing development. Blocks and blocks of the exact same houses. How would you know which one was yours? They are about US$125,000.
Continued on into Guaymas to WalMart again – got some coaxial cable for the TV. So when we got back to the RV park Bill hooked us up to the parks cable. We have six channels – the major ones and one Mexican one. Guess we weren’t missing much not watching it.
Glanced out the window just as the sunset started.  Looked like it was going to be very nice so we walked across the street to the beach. Turned out very pretty.
Also picked up this sandstone rock on the beach – looks like it was painted but it is just as we found it.
Bill must be up the heat just came on. It is cool here in the a.m. Soon we will be leaving and heading towards Huatabampito or maybe Alamos – we go to Alamos almost every year in the car but have not stayed in the RV park there. I thought that might be nice so we could spend more time in Alamos. Will probably end up at Huatabampito though as Bill says the seagulls are waiting for him to feed them cookies and tortillas. Read PS at bottom
I’m surprised at how empty the park where we are staying, Totonaka RV is. It's usually full – maybe we’re here too early for all the snowbirds.
It’s pretty bad when you have to turn your computer on to figure out what day it is. The joys of the Golden Years. And we have recalculated again staying here in San Carlos for another day. The power of TV….no not really – Bill just feels lazy today. But he is cooking a delicious smelling breakfast right now. Start of a good day.  

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