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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We are in Hermosillo,Mexico

Hello from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.
We left the campground in Arizona at 8:45 this morning and arrived at the Sonora RV Park in Hermosillo about 2 o’clock. Same time zone. Thank goodness, no clock changing!
Hooked up and ready to go.
Willies locking hitch pin. He feels safer this year.
Going across the border this year the US guards didn’t even ask us if we had any money with us. Just waved us on.
We stopped and got gas at a Pemex just before the Km 21 immigration point. Gas is about $3US per gallon. The Peso is appx 13 to one dollar.
We got to the immigration point at 10:00 and left there with all the paper work done at 10:35. They get more efficient every year. Our tourist cards were US$22 each, the Jeep was US$54 plus a US$300 deposit that we get back when we leave Mexico and turn in the paper work. Jennie got her paper work a couple of years ago and it is good for 10 years. We saw one of the police men who helped us last year. Neat to see him again.
The road from Nogales to Hermosillo switches from horrible to great and back and forth. There is a lot of construction going on so lots of one lane going each way.
The free part was pretty rough and the toll road part was pretty smooth. Tolls today were US$46. All US amounts are approximate as I’m not positive about the exchange rate – it might be 12.89 but I’m using 13.
We knew we were in Mexico when we got to a tope (speed bump) with a vendor selling sugar cane and tomatoes right in the middle of the road.
The weather got warmer and warmer mile by mile. Almost fainted a while ago we were headed back to the RV after eating and I looked at the thermometer in the Jeep and it said 99 and went to 100 as I watched it. WHAT?!?! 4:30 in the afternoon! Then it dawned on me that the setting sun was shinning directly on the temp sensor. As the sun sunk more the temps dropped fast. But it had to be in the mid to high 80s. Bill is happy. I’m not so sure.
After getting parked and set up we just sat and cooled down for a bit then headed out to get something to eat and find a bank and the TelCel place. We went to our favorite restaurant in the Hotel Bugambilla and found out that they no longer have a menu. They have a buffet. I don’t really care for buffets but we didn’t feel like hunting for another place to eat. Glad we stayed. Their food choices were varied and delicious. Lots of salad makings, soups, meat balls, chicken, pork with mushrooms, rice, etc etc. I was starving so had pork and chicken and steamed veggies and salad. Bill had the chicken, pork and meatballs and bread pudding for desert. Cost US$7.50 each including drinks.
After eating we went just across the street to the bank to exchange some money – in Mexico you can’t go up to a teller and get money you have to go to the ATM. It was out of service……So we went next door to the big TelCel center. And as you can tell we have our TelCel “air card” Internet. Not sure yet how much it cost. Will have to figure it out later. We could not use the air card we had from last year – had to get a new one. It was cheaper to get a new one then to update the old one.
From there we went to a big grocery store, a Ley – used the ATM there and then walked around some. Headed right to the bakery section and got a bunch of orejas – I love them
And Bill found his favorite “sausage” it’s called cantimpalo. He bought a whole bunch of it. Lots of breakfasts waiting to be made.

It is not really that dark, in fact it looks a lot like pepperoni
Now were back in Jennie watching the election results. Sure glad it is over. But this will probably be the last place we’ll be able to pick up Direct TV anyway.
There are three other RVs here that came in after we did. Two of them are old VW pop up top vans. This is a nice park and easy to get to. US$20 a nite. All back in spaces. Tomorrow we’ll spend here then Thursday head towards the coast to Bahia de Kino. Haven’t been there for a couple of years.
I forgot to include this in this morning's blog - Bill up on the roof taping down the cords. And it didn't help something up there is still thumping and banging around. The only thing we can figure out is it is something between the ceiling and the roof that is loose. Can't get to that.

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