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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Every day life here in Mexico

Sunday morning and it is a cool, breezy cloudy day here in Huatabampito. Except for us the RV park is empty. And not a soul on the beach for as far as we can see. Except for the seagulls waiting for Bill to come out and feed him! The Point Man – Well where are you?
he is looking right in the front window
Yesterday I made a big mistake writing about the water for the campground. When Bill read it he said if I understood that much he is not going to translate for me anymore. BUT I didn’t understand the other 90% of the conversation!
No one was on the beach yesterday – and only one couple all day came to eat in the restaurant. Wonder where they were. Guess it was too cool and cloudy out. But a bunch of young people did come to party last night with their ATVs and where on the big empty long beach did they pick to party? Well right in front of us of course. Eventually they went home.
About the only thing we did yesterday was go into town to the market. But even that can be an adventure here. First we had to share the road with the cattle. The light tan one didn’t want to get off the road.
Then we were behind this pickup. I always wonder how they keep from falling off. Especially when going over the EIGHT topes in this little town. Wouldn’t a Highway Patrol man have a fit?
And speaking of topes – at this one there were a couple of young people collecting for some charity. That is very common to see. And they had a policeman with them. Kind of made you feel like you should contribute.
People going about their everyday business. Like getting their propane tank refilled. It’s amazing what you see carried on bikes.
The grocery store is a really nice one – a Ley Super Mercado – they sell everything from TV sets and clothes to groceries and everything in between. Fresh Christmas trees and lots of Christmas decorations. Do you want to buy some octopus? Fresh. Noooo don’t think so.
Did get some grapes and tangerines and a carton of eggs though. And the import things like Ruffles Queso potato chips. And I wonder why I don’t lose weight when were in Mexico. Then Bill bought a bunch of tortillas for the birds. The tortilla ladies remembered him from last year. They think he is crazy – Birds??? At 18.50 a kilo –about US$1.40 - up quite a bit from last year.
Then back home were we kind of kept track of the Nationwide race via the Internet. For the second day in a row Kyle came in 2nd.  First time in 9 years that he didn’t win a race in the Nationwide series. He lost the truck race the night before by .014 seconds. Only because the wining truck hit him. Yesterday probably by less then a second too. For any one else 2nd is good for him it is the first looser. He’s had a bad year this year.
Fixed orange chicken with rice and vegetables for dinner. Tasted pretty good.
Finished a book and played games on the laptop. And for some unknown reason, at least to me, my left shirt key has started to work again. Hooray.
The guard dog here at the campground.
Hope the sun comes out for a while – going into town in a while to see if there is anything going on in there.

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