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Friday, November 9, 2012

New Kino - RV Park, Homes

The RV park here has really changed. It is almost full. Full of permanent RVs with fancy additions.  A few years ago the owner told us he was going to sell spaces for US$3000. It would include parking space with roof and a patio and small storage area. A lot of people took him up on it. Just a couple of the spaces from basic to fancy. Very basic one waiting for owner to upgrade it. They also pay US$3000 per year.
Front of an upgraded one.
Back of the same one.
Another one that has a screened in area – they have a bar and big TV out there just like a fancy den.
Several of them have murals painted on their walls.
We went to Las Palapas restaurant for breakfast. They have outdoor tables on a patio and tables on the sand under palapas. Rough life but someone has to do it. View from the patio where we ate.
Bill ordered Huevos Rancheros with the eggs done really really well – or as he calls them “like plastic”. When he got them the eggs were still runny so he sent it back and changed his order to the same as me – Omelet – cheese and mushroom, well done. Strangely enough it came with papas fritas and salad.
There has been a lot of construction going on in the new part of town.  Kino Nuevo - the part we are staying in. Lots of new houses, additions to hotels and upgrades to the existing homes. The one with the mural is for sale. It is on the beach.
A cute design on this home. It is on the garage door. About half the homes in town have some kind of mural painted on them. If not on the front wall - inside in the patio area.
Then we took a ride out to the end of town where there is a housing development. All houses are different according to HOA for size and looks but owners design. Here is one of the lots, Lot #7, with its view.
One of the houses
A couple more and a new one being built up on the side of a hill. The one being built was started two years ago when we were here.
Then around the corner the fishing boats were out – close to shore.
A land of contrasts. I'm working on another post but want to get this one done while Internet is working, kind of, have to keep reconnecting. Oh well don't have anything else that needs to be done.
We went to the pier last evening to watch the sunset and watch the kids play. Have some neat pics. Wasn't much of a sunset though to much low clouds and fog. So check back later

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  1. Really nice places in your post. #7 will have quite a view.