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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Walk around El Fuerte, Mexco

Crap! Heated my coffee without looking in the cup first. There is a bug doing the back stroke in it! Thought about fishing him out and just drinking it but decided not to. Problem is I don’t want to make any more right now as Bill is still asleep and we are not connected to water so have to switch the water pump on and it make a loud growling sound when using it. Sooo…do I need my coffee enough to wake him up or not. Humm….guess I’ll let him sleep for a few more minutes. Aren’t I sweet.
Sunday morning – sure hope it isn’t as hot here today as it was yesterday. Couldn’t keep the AC running for any length of time. Wish we’d brought more than one fan. But this morning it is cool enough that I’ve got my fleece throw around my shoulders.
From the drive over the dirt roads both the RV and Jeep look like they’ve been painted a reddish brown. (see post below this one)Poor things. Also Willie is acting up – his transmission is slipping once in a while. So guess visit to Jeep dealer is in store when we get to Mazatlan – which will be tomorrow – getting to Mazatlan not the Jeep dealer. When we get settled in tomorrow our first trip will be to Fat Fish to get some spare ribs. Bill says he can smell them already.
This little hotel has a pretty patio area. Lots of plants, trees and flowers.
One of the tangerine trees with a pretty bougainvillea growing in it.
Went into the central part of town yesterday morning to walk around a little. El Fuerte was settled in 1564! Another town settled because of the Spanish mining of silver. It has also been designated as a Pueblo Mágico. But we came in the back way and didn’t see the arch. We’ll see it when we leave. Many of the old buildings from the 16 – 1700s have been fixed up and brightly painted on the outside, but inside they may not even have a roof. Though every year we see more and more restoration.
El Fuerte was (briefly, from 1824 to 1826) the capital of the Western State, the interim state of Sinaloa-Sonora (which included part of Arizona, stretching as far north as the Grand Canyon)
In all the years we’ve been coming to Mexico this is the first time I’ve seen a man in a Sombrero walking down the street. Usually we only see them on “gringos.”
I really like the architecture in these small towns. So many little details on the buildings. This is a light fixture.
We walked up to the Hotel Posada Don Porfirio where Zorro was supposedly born. A statue of him in one of the patios. Last time we were here we went to “happy hour” there and Zorro performs. Kind of fun.
In the hotel at the entrance to the restaurant bar area there was a banana tree. With a stalk of bananas on it. Wonder if they use them in the restaurant after they ripen?
Continued walking around the area. This is the inside of the City Hall. Its been painted since we were here last. When the government changes things are painted the new governments colors.  
A new mural inside the courtyard.
And of course we had to visit the El Fuerte Hotel again. Everytime we go there we see something different. The original building was built around 1640 – was passed down father to son for many generations. Now it is owned by a couple who have been restoring it for many many years. Just one of the many courtyards in it.
A hallway leading to more rooms. The rooms start at US$54 a night.
Another courtyard.
Some of the flowers growing in there.
Then back towards the main plaza past the church.
Walking down the arch covered sidewalk on one side of the plaza.
We managed to go into a building that is being restored. Looks like it will be a restaurant. Found this interestingly painted ceiling. It is made of bricks that have been painted to look like wood.
Just another one of the pretty buildings.
Went into the small central market. Lots of snake skins for sale along with the food and clothes.
By then it was getting too hot to walk around any more so headed back to Jennie where it was just as hot. Got a little breeze through the windows and the fan stirred it around some. Did manage to get the AC to work for a while. Thank goodness. One of the reasons we are using Jennie this year is because she can usually run on the low power. But this place is just too low.
After it cooled down we went back to town to have dinner at El General. Always good food. And the night before we had been told there would be an “evento” at the plaza. Guess our information was wrong – no evento. But we did stop and get churros from the new churro guy – he is the cousin of the one that moved. They were good! Just enjoyed the coolness of the evening and strolling around.
No plans for today – depends on how hot it is.

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