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Monday, November 12, 2012

Jennie and Willie hate us after todays rock and roll road

Boy it was chilly this morning. The wind was howling and rocking us. A couple of days ago we took the blanket off the bed and put it in storage. Unless it warms up we’re getting it back out. Last night sitting here watching TV Bill’s hands were freezing again. I hope as we get on the road towards Hermosillo that the wind lets up. Can’t get on the Internet to check the weather around here. Just about the time the page almost finishes loading the connection goes. Grrrr……
The soccer team we like, Barcelona, won yesterday and Messi tied and surpassed a goal record that Pele set many years ago. He now has 75 goals so far this year and another month and a half of playing. Later in the evening Madrid also won their game – phooey.
And the race – interesting – Kyle led 237 of 312 laps and finished 2nd or 3rd. But not for lack of trying. The points leader Johnson wrecking and finishing in 32nd 30 some laps down. Jeff Gordon wrecking Clint Bowyer on purpose, crews fighting in the pits, oil on the track that wrecked a bunch of cars. See NASCAR fined Gordon $100,000. Guess it's who you are. Last year when Kyle wrecked Hornaday he got suspended for the next weeks race.
We left Kino at 9:45 in the morning, drove 120 miles to San Carlos and arrived here at 2:00 in the afternoon. We know better but we took the “short cut” saved us about 50 miles but took three times as long. And I’m sure both Jennie and Willie hate us now. More about that later.
Just after we left Kino we ran into some road construction. They were putting down a new surface. Rocks and tar. Sure was worried about Willie’s windshield but we made it okay.
We stopped for gasoline in the little town of Miguel Aleman at the first Pemex we came to. The first row of pumps had orange cones blocking it off so there were about five cars in line for the other set. We got in line. Pump must not be working right? Nope! Here in Mexico you can’t pump your own gas the attendant has to do it. And the attendant for the first row of pumps was eating his lunch! Standing right next to the pumps. When he finished eating he removed the cones and motioned us to come to his pump. So we did. Then Bill went to pay for the gas with the credit card. Their credit card machine wouldn’t work. Not our card – their machine. Good thing we’d been to the bank in Hermosillo for some pesos. Otherwise????? Siphon it back out?
After getting gas we had about four miles to decided which way we were going to go – through Hermosillo in all the horrid traffic or the “short cut” 50 miles shorter but on the horrid road. Neither of us like the drive through Hermosillo so we opted for the shorter way hoping that the road had been paved since last time we took it. We should know better. The road is 54 miles long we got on it at 5 to 11 – got off it at 1:15 two hours and twenty minutes later. And I think Bill drove 80 miles if I add in all the zig zagging he had to do. A shot of the road?? Actually more holes than road.
He had to decide on which hole to go through not which one to miss.
And of course you have to throw in the cows too.
I do want to emphasize that this IS NOT a typical Mexican road. Most of the roads here are pretty good. We heard that they are going to build another road to replace this so they aren’t keeping it up. No kidding.
A couple of times we took the dirt road alongside the road. It was easier to drive on.
Finally we reached the main highway. The church is to pray at before you get on the road or to give thanks at you make it off it in one piece. (I just made that up.)
Another 20 miles and we were in San Carlos at Totonaka RV. We’ve stayed here a couple of times before. Kind of expensive US$24 a night. It has 30amps, cable TV and WiFi available. And is right across the street from the ocean and next to a good restaurant.
Our Direct TV no longer works it can’t pick up the satellite this far south. The TelCel Internet stick works like a charm – really fast. Even our Verizon cell phone works here.
After settling in we went next door to the restaurant and sat up stairs with a view out over the Gulf.
We both had fish, French fries and salad. Bill thought he deserved a beer and I had ice tea. US$23. After eating we went to the new Ley supermarket – didn’t buy anything decided to wait until tomorrow and go into Guaymas to WalMart.
That’s about it for today – oh except my left hand “shift key” has quit working on my laptop. Just a nuisance more than anything.  Think I’ll read for a while then go to bed early. At least it isn’t so windy here and not quite as chilly as Kino. 
Below is a video of a small part of the road. Don't know if you can hear all the rattling or not.

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  1. I am so envious of your warm adventure. We had snow this morning here in the valley for awhile. It all melted quickly and the day ended up bright and sunny...not warm, just bright and sunny.
    Let me know if you need anything done with your artwork jewelry.
    Suzanne and Laughing Womyn.