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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Crossing over into Mexico Today

Another beautiful sunrise over the Arizona desert. Going to be hot again.
Had a busy day yesterday. Lots of last minute things to do. First and foremost was doing laundry. Got to start out clean. Probably be the last time I do it myself – love giving it to the laundry dirty and getting it back all clean and folded. Easy to get used to.
While I was doing laundry Bill was busy rearranging the storage compartments in the basement – redistributing the weight etc. Hopefully we’ll remember where everything is when we want it. He also went up on the roof (I hate that) and taped down the wires/cords that were thumping against the roof as we drove. He says all looks good up there.
Also did some much needed cleaning inside and catching up on the bookkeeping – so far have spent $880 in gasoline for 1700 miles. Our biggest expense so far. I have an Access data base that keeps track of everything. Even does calculations for me – liters to gallons and pesos to dollars. Took me a long time to set it up and get it all working. Now I just have to update it for every trip.
Then up the road to WalMart, of course, for last minute items i.e. special lite bulbs for Jennie tiny ones, duck tape can’t do without it. Have you ever wondered about how Duck Tape came about? You are about to find out……
The Permacel Division of Johnson & Johnson invented the Military Version of Duct Tape in 1942, ostensibly to keep moisture out of ammunition boxes. As it is made from "cotton duck", a woven cloth, and is waterproof, some people immediately started calling it Duck Tape. The enterprising military engineers of the day found it to be quite versatile, using it to repair anything and everything. However, as its primary post-war usage was to help seal heating and air conditioning ducts, its true name, DUCT TAPE came into common usage. The guy that came up with it didn’t make any money off it as he worked for Johnson and Johnson and the idea belonged to them.
Then we stopped at McDonalds and pigged out – last big Mac attack for a while. Yes there are McDonalds all over Mexico especially in the big cities. But we won’t go to one for awhile.
Have to call Verizon and put MiFi on suspension. When we get to Hermosillo I think the RV park has WiFi and tomorrow we’ll go to a TelCel place and either get our stick reactivated or get a new one – not sure how that will work.
So don’t know when I’ll be making next blog update – hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning.
Weather here in Arizona has been pretty warm, different from when we were here last in March and it snowed!  Bill’s hands are finally warm most of the time. While I am “glowing” most of the time.
Well time to get ready to leave – the adventure begins for another year. Maybe we'll have television tonight - I think the satellite still works in Hermosillo - if not will have to wait for Internet to find out what happens with the election.

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  1. Those motorhomes are quite expensive to drive, especially with the cost of gas. You must really be up on all the technical stuff what with having to switch all of your services. But you are now on your way and I wish you a great trip. By the way I like your new header photo.