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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mi Casa RV - same as 34 years ago

Kept kind of busy yesterday. We drove south to Nogales, AZ to get our Mexican insurance. Got it from Sanborns again. In fact when we started our trip to South America in 1978 we bought our insurance here and stayed at the Mi Casa RV Park – 34 years ago. The park is a little worse for wear – mostly permanent residents now. We stayed there in 2007 too.
Got the insurance for six months. For the Jeep we have to get the required liability ins and comprehensive cause our US insurance doesn’t cover it in Mexico. It was about $210. For the RV we just need liability as Progressive covers the RV in Mexico for collision etc. About $100. So that is done. Both policies also provide legal aid – which is a necessary thing if you’re in an accident in MX.
Did not exchange any money as we have some Pesos left from last year. We’ll stop in Hermosillo at an ATM – better rates that way. Right now the exchange is 12.8 pesos to 1 dollar.
Went to WalMart while there and got a few more things on our list. And a piece of carrot cake - boy I love that stuff.
Came back home and took a nap and then watched the truck race. Always exciting. The #18 had electrical problems but still managed to get a 4th place finish. If there had been a late caution he had a chance of winning.
Pulled one of my beading projects out and worked on it a while. Then had to rip part of it out when I noticed a mistake about half way back. It’s a simple design so it goes fast.
Not much else going on…….
Need to remember that the time changes tonight - though as clock challanged as I seem to be lately it might not make any difference to me. So that will put Arizona back on Mountain Time. Need to remember that for the race tomorrow.

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