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Monday, November 5, 2012

Had a real nice day on my Birthday

Monday morning already – have to do laundry today and a few more last minute things. Will take off for Mexico tomorrow – kinda for sure.
Here is Jennie all ready to head south. Willie might be wondering about it….with last years amazing adventure.
Up and out early on my birthday. First I finished the catch for my necklace. Now it is done so will have to start on another project.
Went up the road looking for an open Napa or Auto Zone – they seem to be closed on Sundays. Then to Denny’s for breakfast.
From there we went to visit the San Xavier del Back Mission. Fantastic. You can see it from the freeway – way out in the desert – glowing white in the sun. A panoramic shot of the Mission. More about it in my next blog.
After visiting the mission we headed back towards home. First stopping at WalMart to pick up a few things. It is amazing who/what you see in WalMart – We saw a gun slinger. A “real” gun slinger. The outfit caught my attention first. The gun next. So I snuck a picture from behind. Notice the gun on his right hip. Clips on the left.
I was curious so I decided to ask him why he was dressed like that. Walked right up to him and commented on his unusual outfit. He just grinned. So I asked if he did reenactments. “I used to,” he answered. “But not anymore. I grew up in Wyoming and live here now and I just like to carry.” Oh! Okay! So I asked him if I could take a picture and he said yes. Here in Arizona it is legal to wear a gun. Happy shopping in WalMart.
After getting back to the RV we started to watch the race when we had a visitor. His name is Tom and he has been reading this blog for a while. He’s the man who told me where to find the jeweler where I got my watch fixed. The 4th is his birthday too. He brought me a whole carrot cake. Could not believe it.
Stayed and visited for a while. That is so great – to meet people who I’ve corresponded with through the blog. Thank you Tom for the advice, the visit and the cake. Hope your birthday was as nice as mine. And hope to see you and Jill when you get to San Blas.
Finished the day watching the NASCAR race. My favorite driver was in three races this weekend he finished 4th in the trucks, 4th in the Nationwide and 3rd in today’s race. Not a bad weekend. But he probably didn’t think so.
Decided not to go out for dinner. We need to get some of the stuff out of the refrigerator to make room for my cake.!!!!!
And I downloaded a book from the Brown County library – to my nook.  Took me a while to remember how to do it. But I figured it out. Not like the  clocks around here.
It was a great day.
Later today we'll do the laundry, see if there are any good books at the campgrounds book exchange and start putting things away to get ready to hit the road again. Make and last minute trips to the store. Also I need to get all our paperwork for the border out and in a handy place. Might have a problem with Jennie cause we left her paper work back in Indiana.....We would like to get a new copy of it but don't know if that is possible or not. We'll see how good a talker Bill is. Or maybe he'll just not mention it at all.

Will post about the mission with pictures a little later.

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