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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lots of NASCAR....and soccer

Yesterday stayed cooler and windy most of the day. We didn’t go any where just hung around. Did some cleaning – turned the light on behind the stove and couldn’t believe how dirty the mini blinds there were. So they had to be cleaned – lesson learned – don’t turn on lights near blinds.
Spent the day getting my NASCAR fix until we get home in March. Practice, qualifying and racing - oh yah.  Today are two soccer games and the Cup race….Hummmm only one TV and game and race might be on at the same time. With the number of commercials during a race – we will be able to see most of the soccer game.
While watching I worked on my necklace and got so interested in it I finished it. It is a really neat pattern and fun to do. Also makes a very pretty necklace.  Need to check out my box and find another project.
closer look lots of intricate beading
This park is busy. Yesterday a truck selling produce came through the park, followed by a truck with 5 gallon water bottles, a little later a kid willing to wash vehicles IF we had our own bucket and rags. Then a guy selling “very fresh, very big shrimp.”  And finally a man on a three wheeled cart selling hot, home made tamales. Oh I forgot – a man and his little boy selling trinkets. Don’t have to leave home to live well. Except to go to the panaderia – bakery.
And the people who spend the entire winter here are a busy bunch. Someone going by either in a truck, a golf cart or an ATV every few minutes. We are wondering where the heck they are going. Visiting? To the store? Golfing? Lots of “liquid visiting” going on. This is a pretty area but neither of us could spend more than a week here. Just too quiet and far away from anything.
Tomorrow we’ll head out for San Carlos 118 miles to the south – well 118 miles IF we want to take the short cut that has been known to shake items right off of RVs. So we’ll go back to Hermosillo and drive right through town to the main highway. That is 153 miles –a big difference in miles but worth it in saving equipment.
Gad! From political ads to Christmas ads. Is it just me or is this a little early still for Santa?
Watching the soccer game now - Barcelona is leading Yah! Game should be over before the Cup race - and after the race is a Madrid game. Good timing.


  1. You sure do like your sports! I don't watch any of that. Your necklace is pretty. I would be lost doing it. Enjoy your day.

  2. What a beautiful necklace. You are so talented.