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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rib dinner in Mazatlan

Good Morning from Mazatlan. We got here yesterday afternoon after a rather uneventful drive – thank goodness. The road out of El Fuerte much improvement over the road into town.

We left El Fuerte around 9:00 and got to Las Jaibas RV around 3:30 – 295 miles. Most of the road was very good – it should be it cost us US$76. Up some from March when we went home. And there was one new toll booth. A really fancy one.
Part of the road was under repair. This section is a four-lane divided section. Or it will be once the lines are painted again. 
Took a quick picture of this baggie farm. The plastic just hasn’t been harvested and made into baggies yet. Family joke.
As we pulled into the RV park we were welcomed “Home” by a couple of the RVers here and the owner. There have been some changes here too – there is now a swimming pool. Wow! That was unexpected. But the WiFi still doesn’t reach back where we park. Glad we’ve got the TelCel.
After settling in we headed into town to go to Fat Fish for dinner. Yes! They were still there. Again a welcome home greeting. And we got our 2 dinners for 180 pesos – up 20 pesos since March = US$14.00 – rib dinners. Salad, baked potato, garlic bread and cole slaw and of course a full slab of ribs. Very very good and filling. Bill ate all of his I brought half of mine home for tomorrow’s lunch.
Crap! Just discovered that my “tab” key isn’t working now. What is with this laptop? Last week it was the left “shift” key – but it is working now. One key at a time goes on vacation I guess.
We were watching Mazatlan Tv last night and I was surprised to see they broadcast their Alerta Amber on the nightly news. Even call it Amber Alert.

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