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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Remembering the Little Church in Kino

Woke up to wind, cloudy sky and cooler weather this morning. Very early this morning – I lay there listening to the wind and remembered I left the windows open so got up and stumbled around in the dark closing them just in case it decided to bring the rain that has been threatening for a couple of days. Then couldn’t go back to sleep.
Still windy out but the clouds are moving out to sea and the sun is trying to come out.
We didn’t do much of anything yesterday. I’m trying to get my last “fix” of NASCAR. Watched practice, qualifying and the truck race……that was enough even for me. BUT my favorite driver got the pole for tomorrows race and the truck he owns won the truck race last night. And today he will race his own car in the Nationwide race. Tomorrow is the Cup race and two soccer games – both Barcelona and Real Madrid play. And Monday we leave here and will be without TV. Except for a couple local Spanish channels in Mazatlan.
I started working on a new necklace and it looks like it is going to be real pretty. Got fascinated by it and finished about half of it already. If I’m not careful I’ll have everything I brought with us finished and will have to buy more beads in Mazatlan or Puerta Vallarta. Oh gosh how horrible. Just kidding I have enough to keep me busy for three trips. And wouldn’t you know I got an email asking about one of the necklaces on the web site. But the person wanted a better picture of it – actually a picture of it on a person or a manikin so she could get a better look at it. Had to tell her that wasn’t possible at this time.
Oh! The sun is out and the wind has let up a little and the coffee is made. And we have Mexican pastry. Who could ask for anything more?
The Internet is giving me fits this a.m. probably all the clouds. That and the fact we’re so far from the town. Have about two minutes of connection and ½ hour without. Guess I shouldn’t complain about the service at home in Indiana.
We did go over by the little boat launch to check out the sunset. From there we had a good view of the little church up on the hill.
When we were here in the spring of 2007 we got curious about the little church up on the hill so we drove up the hill on the rough narrow dirt road to check it out. There were several people up there. Turns out they were the family who built the church. It was built by a local family who wanted to give something back to the community in appreciation for their good life. It took them many years to save the money and build the church. We happened to drive up to it when they were there. We met them and they invited us to stay for the very first Mass ever held in the church. It was Palm Sunday. We were very honored to be asked. And of course we stayed. Very moving. I still have my palm frond cross we made there.
Watched the sun go down. Again not a really pretty sunset. But nice.
Fishermen out in their boat.
Got a cute email joke the other day.
Two older women are talking. The first one says, “ I’ve changed my password on everything to INCORRECT.
“Why would you do that?”
“Well now when I sign on the computer tells me, ‘ Your password is INCORRECT.”
Seems like it might be a good idea. 
Bill is cooking breakfast or brunch I guess. And the TelCel card just came to life. Whoopie! So need to post this quickly.   

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