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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First Day in Mexico - RECALCULATED - Added more

First morning in Mexico the sun is shinning brightly – going to be a warm day. Don’t know what we are going to do today – just look around Hermosillo I guess. Tomorrow we’ll head for Kino.
Bill was just out talking to the couples in the VW vans. One couple has lived in theirs for 14 years! – LIVED in it for 14 years. They must really really like one another. They were in Alaska for the summer and are now heading towards southern Mexico.
Bill is cooking breakfast using some of his new found cantimpalo – smells good.

Since I wrote the first paragraph we have recalculated - isn't that what life is all about. Any way we are now in Bahia de Kino. It is beautiful here. Trip all 78 miles of it was uneventful. Will post more later  Direct Tv is working and TelCel works most of the time with help from a booster.
2:30 - about trip here
From the campground in Hermosillo to the campground, Kino Bay RV, in Kino is 78 miles. Took 2 ½ hours. Seems like a long time for such a short trip. The first part of the trip was right through part of Hermosillo. We take the Periferico Norte to Solidaridad then on to Jesus Morales straight to Kino. Why do I mention the names of the roads? Because I like the way they sound and they are a few of the Spanish words I can say correctly which makes Bill laugh as they are both hard words for the English speaking. I also like disponible and estacionamiento. Available and parking. So I'm weird what can I say? 
Traffic was light in Hermosillo
Once out of town the road to Kino is a pretty straight two-lane road. Except it is wider than two-lanes. Each side of the road has one full lane and then a dashed line and a ¾ lane. This small lane is used when you are being passed. You pull over on to it to let the passing car have room. Works for me.
we are being passed
The road to Kino also is one of the roads in Mexico that has many, many signs along it. Seems like there is one every ¼ mile. Maybe the mayor’s son-in-law owns a sign printing business. Here are a few of them – loosely translated this one says – This is a road of slow speed
 This one – obey the signs
And another – don’t pass using the shoulder (the ¾ lane)

There are a lot of signs along the roads - for more of them check out my web site http://www.movingon1.com/mexicanrdsigns.php there are three pages of signs and translations there.
Road construction going through the little town of Miguel Aleman. They couldn’t make it any narrower.
Stopped there for propane. Almost 9 gallons for US$16. Now tank is full for a long time.
The picture is not real clear but there is a guy sleeping on top of the watermelons. He is wearing gray pants and a red shirt.
Kind of interesting scenery – lots of cactus in this part. Also lots of agriculture – fields of something and nut orchards.
Double clicking on pics will enlarge them. Will write more tomorrow morning. Took a neat video in Kino Viejo by the fishing boats.
Yesterdays trip is in the post below.  

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