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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Out and about in Mazatlan

Another bright sunny day here in Mazatlan. No clouds in the sky. It’s probably going to be another WARM one. Ick. Bill is as happy as a pig in slop but I dislike the heat.
I haven’t mentioned it before but since Huatabampito we’ve been traveling with another couple, their daughter, dog – a beautiful husky type - and cat. They are from Canada and it is their first time traveling around Mexico in their Class B van. They went to El Fuerte with us and are now here at Las Jaibas. Yesterday we spent the morning with them taking them around Mazatlan. First we went to the Jeep dealer and made an appointment for Willie to get his tranny problem taken care of – next Monday morning. Not sure if that will be a diagnostic visit or a get it fixed visit. He is running fine just a little slippage once in a while.
Speaking of Willie – he got so dirty this trip – the detour going to El Fuerte took its toll on his pretty exterior. It is worse than this picture shows! But never fear we got him pampered later in the day and he is much better now.
After the Jeep place we went to the TelCel center so Derek and Teresa could get a Banda Ancha – a TelCel Internet stick. Thank goodness for Bill’s Spanish or it would have been a real hassle. Seems like every time we get one the requirements have changed. When we got ours in Hermosillo a couple of weeks ago we got the stick and put 6GBs of time? downloads? whatever  it’s called on it and it will run out in 30 days used or not. Then we have to add more GBs. Yesterday could only get 1GB and when that runs out they will be able to get 3 or 5GBs added for 30 days. Then renew it every 30 days. Hopefully it can be renewed on line with a credit card – don’t get me started on credit cards again. Or at any number of convenience stores.
So that done we went over to the Centro Historico to go to the central market there. We parked in our favorite parking lot. Again welcome hugs. While there Willie got a super duper cleaning, Inside and out. So he is happier now.
Derek had never been in a big central market. After a couple of minutes in the raw meat and chicken aisles he was ready to leave. They did have some really good looking produce and grapes but forgot to get some……
On the way out we did stop so Derek could look at some clothes. Got a couple of neat shirts.  And I got a blouse – a pretty blue one.
Our shopping done we went to the Panama restaurant for lunch. Always a good meal. I like the use of stained glass in the restaurant. Gives me ideas for a window at home. Gosh knows I have plenty of scrap glass.
After eating we went back to the Central Market, Derek had seen a hat he decided he wanted.
Picked up a sparkling Willie and headed to the the Mega Supermarket to pick up a few things. Still haven’t found any EggBeaters – thought for sure they would have them. Nope. Maybe the WalMart here – if not guess we’re just out of luck. Did get some good stuff from the bakery though. Here they are making buns. Notice the caps and beard masks.
From there back to the RV park. Just getting too hot out. Started another necklace but didn’t get really “into” it so didn’t do much.
Bill has talked to the owner at the park and asked to have someone come in to wash Jennie – Don’t want her to be jealous of Willie. Can’t have that.
Teresa writes a very interesting blog – it can be found at http://www.alifemadesimple.blogspot.mx/
Not sure what mischief we’ll be up to today – it should be housecleaning…..but the outdoors beckons.

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