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Monday, November 19, 2012

Flat tire and weekly market place

Sunday was another overcast, windy cool day at the beach so we decided to go into Huatabampo (the bigger town as opposed to Huatabampito the beach) to see if they still have the tiangis there on Sundays. It is what we’d call a flea market or swap meet at home.
The jeep has a gage that shows the outside temperature and also gives warnings i.e. door open, service engine etc. It said low tire pressure so I reset it to the temperature. It popped right back up again Low Tire Pressure. Reset it again – Bam LOW TIRE PRESSURE. So I mentioned to The Driver – It’s telling us LOW TIRE PRESSURE and seems like it means it. What has happened in the past is if the tires are not completely happy – cold or down an ounce the read out pops up – has happened many times before. So we continued into town and miracle we found a parking place about ½ block from tiangis. Bill got out and walked around Willie and low and behold the right front tire was LOW! And I do mean LOW. Back into the car to find some where to get it fixed. Remember this is Sunday. Passed a Bridgestone place that wasn’t open. Then found a Goodyear place that was open. But – they didn’t do tires – well not until Tuesday. But he told us were to find a llantera – a place that fixes tires.
We pulled in and they fixed it right away. Didn’t even have to take the tire off the car. 50 Pesos – US$3.80. Put some kind of a plug and liquid in that sealed it. We’d run over a bolt – about 1/8 inch thick and one inch long. Tire is fine now.
While we were there a big bus was there too. He’d blown a tire and they were going to put the spare on. This is the spare – look at it closely – it is beyond trash. 
Then we went to the tiangis. Parked two car lengths from it. I don’t know how The Driver always manages to find close parking places but he does. Years ago we went to Disneyland on a Saturday evening and parked right in front of the main gate. I think it is a Sirimarco thing.
This market is about four or five blocks long with all kinds of stuff for sale. Vendors lining both sides of the street. And packed. Whole families shopping from Grandma to babies.

He was selling a cabbage shredder. I stopped to look – pretty neat thing. But when do I ever shred cabbage?
Lots of flowers for sale. The poinsettias were selling like hot cakes.
Surprisingly this was the only produce stand here.
Electronics and bikes.
Fresh pineapple – like the way they are decorated. Everything has chili sprinkled on it.
The inevitable candy cart.
We just walked around and didn’t buy anything. Did think about the shredder but – didn’t need it. Oh I take that back we finally crossed another thing off our list of things we forgot and need to replace. Bill got a baseball cap - LA Dodgers no less for 50 Pesos - about US$3.80  Just a taste of the market place - wish I could include smells too.
This family has finished their shopping and are on their way home.
Drove around town a little bit – traffic as always is wild. Here is an enterprising individual. He has been collecting cardboard and piles it on his three wheel trike.

Pedestrians walking across in the middle of the block – the cars and trucks with the loud speakers on them. This one was advertising a circus that opened today.
Sights and sounds while driving.
On the way home we saw these dogs for sale. They are ceramic – from a distance they looked real. Could put one in the front window when we’re parked - would discourage people from visiting...
Before we went into town the waiter from the restaurant at the campground asked if we could pick him up some gasoline because he ran out just as he got to work. So here is Bill at the Pemex – ( Mexico’s gas stations are all Pemex. Government owned) with the container of gas.
The container used to contain laundry detergent. Anything in a pinch. The closest gas station to the campground is in Huatabampo about 7 miles.   

We went back to Jennie so I could kind of watch – well get the lap by lap commentary anyway for the last NASCAR race of the year. My favorite driver led six time for 191 of the 267 laps. He failed to win for the ninth consecutive time after leading the most laps. During the Chase – the last ten races – he led twelve chase drivers with seven top five finishes. This weekend he came in 2nd in his own truck and 2nd in his own car in the Nationwide race. So the year is over – next race in February.
After the race we drove over to Yavaras a little fishing town not far from the campground. We wanted to see if they ever managed to pull all the old wrecked ships out of the water. They haven’t.
A year ago I did a whole blog on the salvage operation.
While there this guy showed up selling bread. He has an old showcase attached to his motorcycle. He did a pretty good business with the fishermen.
Saw this weird bird – the one with the big red pouch on his neck. Don’t know what it is. Also lots of white pelicans.
Couldn’t resist taking another sunset picture over water.
While we were there Bill was talking to some of the fishermen there and they told him that the 19th was a holiday – for the Revolution of 1910. And that there would be a celebration in Huatabampo. So that is what we did today. A whole other blog to be written.


  1. I enjoy your travels. When you get to Alamos, take lots of pictures. I was told it was someplace not to miss, but I've never been there.

  2. I'm working on catching up, following along on WomenRV and here. Thank you, thank you for showing me more than I could see from a cruise ship. Your blog is wonderful!