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Friday, November 2, 2012

Not all changes are for the good

The sun is coming up over the desert turning the sky pink and gold. Always pretty out in the wide open spaces.
For the first night and morning since we left home we didn’t have the little heater on. It gets plenty warm in here during the day. Oops spoke too soon, Bill must be getting up as the furnace just came on. Oh well it will take the chill off quickly.
Had a big disappointment last night. One of the reasons we like this campground is its proximity to a really good restaurant. We look forward to our first night here and going out to dinner. So off we went to the Cow Palace. First thing we noticed – they had redecorated and not for the better. The staff was completely new – not near as down home and friendly as the old staff. The menu was different. Our favorites were no longer available and the prices were way up. Salmon $19.  Ribeye $25….. Bill ordered a Caesar Salad with chicken and had to ask for bread – which used to come with everything. I ordered liver and onions and they were out…so had a hamburger. Coffee and tea and check was $27. So that is our last time there. Shoot. Also noticed the Longhorn steak house/bar across the street was no longer in business. Too bad.
Bill wants to go into Nogales, AZ today to get our Mexican insurance for Willie and Jennie. We will get Sanborns again from the same agent. We were very happy with the way they helped us last year when Willie had his amazing adventure. Of course we hope we don’t ever have to talk to them again but…..
In the next few days we’ll take care of business – talk to Verizon about putting MiFi on suspension till March. And ask about there Nationwide and Mexico plan.  And get a battery for my watch. One of my readers has given me information on where I can get that done around here. Also last trips to WalMart and grocery store. Hunting for egg bagels and Bernstein’s House Italian dressing – things we can’t buy in Indiana either.
Years ago we went in search of Egg Bagels – Bill’s favorite – we finally found some in a bakery and bought six. He ate a couple then we wondered how to save the rest for later. I’m sure most people have seen the device the Food Saver on TV. You put your food in a plastic bag and the machine sucks the air out and vacuum seals the package. Hummmm so we put a bagel in the bag stuck the bag opening in the machine and pushed the button. The air was sucked out of the bag and then the air was sucked out of the bagel. Picture bagel getting smaller, wrinkled and hard as its air was sucked out. Lesson learned do not use Food Saver for bread products unless you want hockey pucks. Was kind of funny though.
Bill is up and about – says his back is much much better – thank goodness.
We talked about where we’re going to go in Mexico this year and have decided to go from Hermosillo to Bahia de Kino – haven’t been here for a couple of years. We have a favorite campground and restaurant there too – hope they haven’t changed. And from there to San Carlos – again we haven’t been there for a couple of years. In Hermosillo we will try to get our TelCel Internet stick up and running. Wonder if we can just reinstate the service or if we'll have to buy a whole new air card.
Something was mentioned on one of the TV shows that we should all think about. In this day and age of Internet, cell phones, the cloud, computers etc. What if you are without power or cell service will you be able to get to or remember the information about people you need to get a hold of? Suggestion was to actually write all important information in a folder so you have actual paper to refer to. Then keep that where you can get to it if you need it.

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  1. too bad about the restaurant. You sure have to take take care of a lot of things when you travel, glad you've got that figured out. It would drive me crazy I'm sure. Have my new dog, 4 yr old chihuahua in to get fixed and get his teeth done. Didn't realize he was going to end up costing me so much money! But we saved him from being put to sleep and hubby loves him. Have fun on your outings.