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Monday, November 26, 2012

On to Mazatlan

Soon we’ll be heading to Mazatlan. A little over 300 miles – long drive but mostly on toll road. There is really no where to stop between here and there except Las Glorias and that is way off the road and there isn’t much there to do or see. So we’ll just take it easy and get to Mazatlan around 4 in the afternoon. Park, set up and take off for Fat Fish for spareribs. The way things are going this year that restaurant might not be there any more – That would be a catastrophe!
Yesterday we went into to town a while before it got too hot. Went to the Fort Museum and just drove around a bit.
We did get caught up in a traffic jam as a parade went by. Don't know what it was about but it was a bunch of children with banners and a truck playing music. They had a police escort and all traffic was stopped for them.
then went to a couple of new stores - a new supermarket and a Coppel - it sells household items. Everything from cell phones to kitchen cupboards. They had TVs for kids - shapped like 18 wheelers and cars and fancy pink ones with flowers. Really cute. And we found El Fuertes arch - hadn't seen it before but knew they had one. Came up on it suddenly so the pic is a little blury.
   Breakfast is ready so need to eat and start getting ready to leave.
Will post later in the day after we've had dinner.  

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