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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

National Holiday

Not so cool here this morning, the wind isn’t blowing quite as bad. Sure hope the sun comes out from behind the clouds for a while anyway. Last night it got cool enough the Bill wanted to get out the little heater – he ended up going to bed to read snuggled up under the covers.
I tried downloading some free books for the Nook from Barnes and Noble. It won’t connect to the internet here so had to download them to the laptop then switch them to the Nook. Works fine just an extra step. For free I shouldn't complain.
Yesterday was a national holiday here in Mexico. Celebrating the Revolution of 1910-1920. This country has a fascinating history. Seems like they were always trying to get rid of some foreign country or rebels. The government didn’t become really stable until around 1940. Even the U.S. was down here a few times. In fact during the 1910 – 1920 years we were in Veracruz and we sent General Pershing down here to fight. If you want more information about that time check out this link -
So we headed into town to see what was going on. We’d made it up the road a little when Bill pulled over then made a U-turn. What? Oops he’d left the water running to fill Jennie's tank. Good thing he remembered – there was just a little puddle starting. Shut it off and off we went – until we encountered him. “No this is my road. You go away.”
Mexican Standoff
Even the horn didn’t move him. A last dirty look and he showed us his tail as he left.
Got into town just as the parade was coming to an end. Did see the fire engine.
A policeman was in the middle of the street and waved us around the corner, luckily there  was a parking place right there (naturally). Bill stopped so I jumped out in time to see the horses coming. Lots of horses being ridden by men, women and children.
A pickup with a band in it led them. There were some beautiful horses there.
Especially this one. Look at his mane and tail.
Some more of the horses.
We followed the horse poop down the street towards the main plaza. Saw lots of little girls all dressed up in long flowered skirt with cute ruffled peasant blouses.

Again parked right at the plaza and was it ever crowded. So many vendors with so much food. And it seemed like almost everyone was eating something.
A ceremony was going on in the center of the plaza. The man in the white cowboy hat is the President of Huatabampo – the mayor. The dark haired woman to his right is his wife a former Miss Universe. Several young people gave speeches.
I guess there were bands in the parade as we saw several young people in what appeared to be band uniforms and carrying instruments. This kid was pretty good on his horn.
These young ladies caught our attention. They had a Naval insignia on their hats.
We were in time to see a couple of performances. These were first graders they were called the Machetes. Pretty cute.

And then the Folkloric dancers came out. I love to watch them. The girls are so pretty and the boys are so serious.

I took a video of the dancing but will add it as a separate post. I used our cell phone to take it – to save the camera battery. That worked fine until we got home and I tried to download it to the laptop…..I knew I’d done it before but couldn’t figure out how to do it. Finally it went – zip – to computer – don’t know what I did. Hope I can find it next time. Then I couldn’t make it into a complete video with Movie Maker – wrong type of file!!!! Fiddled around a bit and discovered I could upload it to UTube and make a video that way. Where there’s a will there’s a way!
Another little girl in her fancy dress. Love the pose. I asked her Mom if I could take her picture and she loved it.
A few of the horses were showing up at the plaza by then. Just walking around. The girl on this one has on red ankle strap high heels with at least a four inch heel. Double click on the pic and maybe it will be big enough to see them.
Same girl
The government building was at one end of the plaza so we went in to check out the mural. They were just painting it when we were here a couple of years ago. Magnificent as always. The history of the country.
And here is shy Bill talking to the President and other important people in the town.
Of course we had to walk downtown and get some churros. They were darn good. He pushes the dough through the metal tube with the big piece of wood.
Forms circles of it in the hot grease.

When they are crispy they are sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and cut into pieces. YUM!
Once back to the RV we had dinner at the restaurant. But there was no pretty sunset. Too many clouds. Maybe tonight. And we haven’t decided what to do today. I’m sure it will be interesting.
Right now Bill is out front feeding tortillas to the sea gulls. They wait for him to come outside.

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  1. What an exciting day! Lovely dresses aren't they?