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Friday, November 9, 2012

Yesterday afternoon in Kino

Went out later yesterday afternoon to see the sunset. But first we went by to check out golf course that is here. It is quite different then you usually see. This is it. Where? Out there in the desert.
Here is a close up of one of the holes. First I looked for the flag then I saw the grass. Actually it is artificial grass. But it is a golf course.
Then we went into old Kino to go to the pier again. But before we got there we stopped at the bakery and got some good rolls and croissants for breakfast. Going to have to go back again today as they are already gone.
The sun was just going down behind the island out there. There were several families on the beach the children enjoying the water and sand.
These little boys are 2 year old twins. One was cold and cuddling up to Dad.
Good looking boys. This is the quiet one.
Here is the other one rolling in the sand.
And running away.
When his mom took him to the water to rinse off he helped by taking off his underpants and swishing them in the water. No I didn’t take a picture was laughing too hard to remember to click.
The sun was a little further down and reflecting off the clouds. The pilings sticking up are parts of the old wooden pier. It went down in a storm about four years ago.
Another shot of the kids having fun.
Looking off in the other direction part of the new pier in the foreground. Heavy rain in the distance.
A panoramic shot of the area.
We got a tiny bit of rain during the night and more is forecast for tonight. It’s making it really humid here today. So I’m content to stay inside with the AC watch NASCAR and work on a new necklace. Bill had to fix the bathroom sink – the aerator fell off and went down the drain. (Of course it happened when I was using the sink!) Took him a while to get it out. Couldn’t pull it up as it was too heavy for magnet and too wet for tape on the end of a stick. Had to take the trap off. And there is so much room to work under those sinks! By the time he finished he was soaking wet and thoroughly aggravated. Sat down and turned the fan on him. Thank goodness he is so handy.
After leaving the pier we stopped and watch some boys playing soccer. The goal net was an old fishing net and the field is dirt. They were having a great time. This boy has on one red sock and one blue sock.
There is another post about yesterday below this one. Am going to try to upload a little of the soccer game - but internet is slow and more off than on today. So we'll see.....


  1. Glad you are enjoying yourself, can't wait to see the new necklace.

  2. Sounds like you are relaxing and having a great time in the sun.