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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Time rolls on when your having fun

I have this picture as my laptop wallpaper – it looks like a field of snow in the desert instead of white sand. So pretty.
Thank you reader Tom – I followed your directions and got my new watch battery. That is a nice little jewelry store. Also went to Safeway and found my Bernstein’s House Italian Dressing - bought all they had and got another bottle of Chocolate Wine.
Also checked with Verizon (store was right next door) and I can put the MiFi on suspension for at least three months. So will do that the day before we go south. I couldn’t do it at the store have to call Verizon to do it.
Another beautiful day here in the desert. We’ve dug one of the fans out and it kept things almost cool enough. AC was only on for a little while.
Watched the NASCAR nationwide qualifying and race. Pretty good race. Kyle had the pole and finished third, but he did lead 60 some laps. Every week the #54 Monster Energy car gets better and better.
Finished my necklace while watching qualifying. It just needs the catch – think I’ll make one with the beads so it will be completely finished. I didn’t think to bring and extra catches.
I fixed chicken with peppers and noodles for dinner. Turned out pretty good. Got another piece of carrot cake for desert!
Time changed last night and we don’t have to change any of the clocks because we’re in Arizona and they don’t do Daylight Savings Time. Thank goodness I was afraid to touch any of them.
Looks like it will be another beautiful day here. Nothing planned – watch race around noon maybe do laundry and a little cleaning.
Today is my birthday – this one is bothering me a little. I thought I was a couple of years younger…..Crap. I remember asking my Mother “How can you forget how old you are?” Well it’s pretty darn easy. I thought I was about 70 then I realized Bill just turned 76 and I’m only two years younger than him……..makes me 74!!!!!!! Seems like just yesterday I turned 40 while we were in Rio. Where has all that time gone? Next year I’ll be ¾ of a century old!!!! At least I hope I will be. I keep thinking of all the songs: “Yesterday When I Was Young” and “Where have all the flowers gone”  I don’t feel old, don’t usually act my age and hopefully don’t think old. It’s just that once in a while it sneaks up on you and surprises the heck out of you.
Speaking of old – the area of Arizona we’re in has a lot of retirement communities and just shopping in stores is different. While in Safeway I couldn’t help notice that everyone shopping was very polite – excuse me, pardon me, etc – when walking by you with a cart or in front of you if stopped to stare at the shelves. Guess it was part of our generations up bringing that has stayed with us through the years. And in the parking lot instead of creeping right up to you they stop and wave you by. A kinder gentler time. 50 – 60 – 70 years ago.


  1. Happy Birthday !!! I had to laugh at the not touching the clock... I know what you mean :) Safe Travels

  2. A very Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a wonderful day. I love the photo you have for your lap top. It does look like snow. Glad things are going well with the trip so far.

  3. Happy Birthday! I can remember my mother telling me that the older she got the faster the years flew by and I didn't really understand her. I do now. They do seem to just fly by. Just enjoy them.

  4. Since you are close to the border, I was going to wish you a Happy Birthday in Spanish. Just realized, I don't know how. So Happy Birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday.... And in Spanish: Feliz cumpleaños

  6. Happy Birthday.... And in Spanish: Feliz cumpleaños