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Saturday, November 24, 2012

NO Churro Man

We went into town last night to get some churros. And the Churro Man isn’t there any more. He moved out of town! Didn’t he know we were coming back? Time moves on. So we just walked around town a little and came back home and had dinner here.
But we did find out that there is a Fiesta going on and there is an event in the plaza tonight around 7 – 7:30. There was one last night too but we didn’t feel like staying. So will for sure go tonight.
We are at the Hotel Bugamvillas – thank goodness it was still open. We kind of have electricity. With everything else unplugged the AC will work. But have to remember to shut it off if we want to use the microwave. Maybe 15 amps. We are running off an extension cord plugged in one of the rooms. We also can use the facilities in that room. It is costing US$11.50 a night. We are welcome to pick the grapefruit and tangerines off the trees and eat them. Extra added bonus.

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