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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Driver Updat and Pretty Pictures

Wednesday early p.m.

Well the Chinese Fire Drill continues. But first off The Driver is home now. He came home yesterday afternoon. He is more or less feeling okay. Very tired and weak. He is taking a lot of meds to keep his blood pressure low – so low in fact I questioned it when I heard it – 86/58 – didn’t know you could even walk around with it that low! And also taking meds to keep his heart from pumping so hard – something to do with oxygenating it. Guess I’m going to have to learn a whole bunch of new things.
He now has a new heart surgeon – named appropriately enough Dr. Hart (not sure of spelling yet as we haven’t met yet him.) Yesterday before he left hospital doc who was going to do surgery came in and told us he was leaving the hospital so there would be a new surgeon. But I’m getting ahead of myself – early in the a.m. the nurse came in and told him he might be transferred to Indy! instead of going home! What?! And surgery would probably be Friday. Well that got straightened out – no transfer. And he could go home. By the time I got to hospital he was spitting nickels. Then doc came in and told us he was leaving but everything would be fine and the surgery was set up for next Wednesday with new doctor. No problem. So he came home. All of his prescriptions had been faxed to the CVS here in town (the only pharmacy in town). Went to pick them up on the way home and of course they weren’t ready yet. So about an hour later I went back to get them. Oh Oh they didn’t have one of them, not in stock. And according to pharmacist he needed it that day. But I could drive back into Columbus (20 miles east of us) to pick it up there – an hours round trip from home! Oh but the pharmacy in Columbus closest to us didn’t have it either, would have to go clear to other side of town to get it. Luckily we have a VERY good friend who lives in Columbus who said he would pick it up and bring it to us. Thank goodness.
Then we got call from new heart surgeon. Would we mind meeting him on Thursday in his office in Bloomington (20 miles west of us) then he would reschedule surgery to hospital in Bloomington! EGAD! So that’s where we are now. Will meet new Doc tomorrow and reschedule. Bloomington hospital is bigger and associated with Indiana University. So maybe all for the best.
To other news. Had a big storm blow through here.
Lots of trees down and our power was out for a couple of hours. In Columbus where Bill was there was a tornado sighting so all the hospital patients were wheeled out into the halls away from the windows. It didn’t touch down though.
I spent the time the power was out out on the screen porch watching the wild turkeys and big fat raccoons eating the corn. Driving back and forth to the hospital I had to be careful – this is the time of the year the turtles wander around. Seemed like every few feet one was crossing the road.
Thought I’d include some pretty things from around here. Everything is blooming. We thought the peonies hadn’t made it through the winter but they now have blooms on them.
Out around the pond several bushes are coloring up and the daises are growing fast.

One of the clematis just after a rain.
A couple of weeks ago Bill redid our house sign out front. The other one was getting pretty weather beaten. Everyone around here names their house - so why not.
And I put up some wallpaper in the den. The couch and chair keep banging the wall and chipping the paint so maybe this will help. If not - will put up regular chair rail I guess.

Enough for now - will keep this updated. Spring is here and summer is coming - with all its new life and growth.

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  1. Wow, what a see-saw time you're going thru. Keeping you in my prayers and that all will work out for the best. Nice pictures!