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Friday, May 27, 2011

Rain! Wind! and Tornados! Oh My!

Friday a little after noon.

We have had wild weather around here lately. Putting it mildly! Today is in the low 40s and very gloomy, light rain all night. Yesterday turned out kind of nice with some rain. But Wednesday afternoon and night it was bad. When there is severe weather in the area that is all the local TV channels broadcast.
Just after this we lost the satellite and then the power. It is heading towards us - we live just above the "on" in Bloomington. After the last photo we went downstairs to the basement. Took lanterns - good thing 'cause power was soon out.

Predicting it would be in Nashville in about 10 minutes - and they were right on the button
Round dots are rotation - downstairs we went. First time ever for us.
 Four tornados touched down around us – none in Brown County though. One was in Columbus – mostly trees and signs damaged. In the area where we always go to Menards and Wal*Mart a big restaurant sign came down and hit a car. In Bloomington many, many trees were uprooted and just plain shattered. A little town just south of there got hit pretty hard, several homes etc. lost.  These pictures are from Bloomington - it was a mess there.
Broken tree

Our power was out for 12 hours, until around 10:30 Thursday morning. Luckily we had some left over coffee that we could heat up on the stove as soon as I found matches to light the stove. For awhile we sat out on the back screen porch “communing” with nature. That got old quick for me – I remain a city girl. Who likes her civilized living.
Supposedly the bad weather is over and we are heading into a heat wave – really? Predicting over 90 for the race Indy 500 Sunday.
Not long after the power came back on we had to trek over to Bloomington to meet the new heart surgeon – appropriately named Dr. Hart. He is younger than Dougie Howser! Just kidding but he is young. He is associated with Bloomington Hospital which is associated with Indiana University. It’s a bigger hospital than the one in Columbus. Very nice guy – spent a lot of time with us and answered a lot of questions. Surgery is scheduled for June 2nd at about 7 a.m. We have to be at hospital at 5:30 – ick – it is still dark out then! If all goes as planned he will be home in five days. Doesn’t that sound like awfully quick? Doc says he is excellent candidate for bypass as he has no other health problems and doesn’t smoke or drink. Up till then he can pretty much do what ever he feels like doing – i.e. driving, going to market, climbing stairs [slowly] walking around outside. But the pills he’s taking are slowing him down some. So actually a lot of TV is being watched. But that’s okay as there is a big soccer game on Saturday and the two auto races are on Sunday.

Was just watching a doe and her tiny fawn across the street. The dog over there was barking at them and she, the doe, just stood her ground stamping her front feet daring the dog to come closer. Dog finally got smart and left. Then they just calmly walked back into the trees.
Everyone around here has been so nice – offering to do anything we need. Especially driving if it is storming – I still hate these roads. Even people we know just from the restaurant and Menards have been calling.
That’s about it for now – all is well.

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