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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What is that? Oh my gosh it is sunshine!

Tuesday p.m.
By Gosh By Golly we had SUNSHINE today for about six hours. Poured heavy all night and drizzled till about noon – then – blue sky, puffy white clouds and sun. Are we blessed or not? But………tonight it is supposed to go down to almost freezing! And by next week it is supposed to be in the 80s – And we are living in Indiana why?  They said on the news that during the month of May we will gain 54 minutes of daylight – gee that much longer to be gloomy – sure hope not. Check out the very dark sky behind the trees. 

Went into Columbus today. All the creeks and streams (what’s the difference?) are up to the top of their banks. Lots of fields flooded. Could get bad ‘cause we are supposed to get a couple more storms before the weekend.
While in town noticed the gas is now up to $4.29 But did find coffee for less than $8.00.
During one of our brief periods of sunshine Bill got his "Ferrari" [riding mower] out and took it for a drive.
The grass has been cut and new mulch is down and we even have some pretty red flowers on the deck.
This afternoon I noticed a hummingbird checking out the empty feeder so now have filled two of them and put them out back. When I went to put them outside I discovered four deer out there licking the salt and eating the corn. One of them looked very pregnant.
And this guy came to visit – never saw a bird like him before. Wonder what he is? 

Bill is still busy with his leather projects – he is now working on a couple of masks. Just in the beginning stages though.

 Got a new scanner – ordered it online from HP and had it in two days – no charge for shipping. Think I’ve figured out how to use it most of the time. And also loaded a couple more of the old programs that I use for stained glass projects.
Not much else going on today. Really weird - can't get online at all with AOL - can get online with IE but can't update this blog. So now I'm using FireFox and all is working fine.

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