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Monday, May 23, 2011

How Fast Things can Change

Its been awhile since I updated this – partly because I was lazy and not motivated and then the world turned upside down. In the past few weeks we’ve had wild weather – its been in the 90s with 70% humidity and its been in the high 30s. Its been windy, still, hot, cold, wet and dry. Something for everyone. It has finally stopped raining long enough for the water in the fields to be absorbed and the creeks to go down so the farmers are finally able to plant their crops.

Flowers are blooming all over the place – took some pictures of them but haven’t uploaded them yet – maybe later.
Most of the time lately Bill has been busy working on his carved wood faces and leather masks. I’ve been working on his web site - it is still very much a work in progress.
But to the real news
Bill had a heart attack last week – sometime between Tuesday and Thursday night. He wasn’t feeling real good for about a week. Went to the Doc Thursday afternoon – had an EKG everything looked fine – Doc and Bill both thought it was probably a peptic ulcer acting up. Got prescriptions and went home. By 10:00 he was much worse – constant burping and burning pain in chest – not heart attack like….Anyway drove him into Columbus Hospital 25 miles away and they checked him in. Did some blood work and came into room and told us he had had a heart attack! WOW – Friday morning they took their machine and looked around inside. One artery is completely blocked and the others 70 to 80% blocked. So he is going to have bypass surgery – probably right after Memorial Day. In fact they will probably send him home today or tomorrow to wait for the heart to heal a little before the surgery. I’m a little nervous about him being here so far away from everything. But according to the Docs – the damage is done now and he should be fine. The heart is pumping strong with no unusual flutters or anything.
Well will keep this updated from now on – want to get this posted before we loose power again. Its been going on and off all night as the storms pass through here.
The Jeep was supposed to go into the garage for some extensive work this morning but think I’ll keep it here as I don’t want to be driving the Ford in heavy rain.
I’ll be heading over to the hospital soon to see if he really is coming home today – they need to get his meds set up – yesterday they gave him a new nitro paste patch and his blood pressure hit the floor and he practically passed out. Don’t want that to happen here! Or they will have another heart attack victim. At least the ambulance is just about 2 miles down the hill from us.
More later -


  1. Wow Carol, you sure have been thru a lot. Hoping you the best and that Bill will pull thru the surgery just fine and you two can get on with enjoying your lives. Hang in there and give Bill my best.

  2. Will be keeping you and the driver in my prayers. Stay calm.