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Monday, May 2, 2011

Gloomy Weather for Days and Days

Monday a.m.

It continues to rain here – we’ve had gloomy weather 18 days out of the last 20! And rain 17 of them. And today it’s only in the mid 40s. Enough already.
its been like this for days
Do have to mention a funny incident on the one day the sun came up. I came out of the bedroom and got blasted in the face by a spotlight – what the heck? Wow it wasn’t a spotlight it was actually the sun shining through the windows. That’s how long its been since we’ve seen it. And it only stayed out part of the day.
Yesterday and today we’ve been going around the house turning on all the lights inside in hopes of lifting our spirits some.
Got a perm Friday – and I actually drove MY car to Bean Blossom to get it. First time I’ve driven the Mustang in almost a year. About the perm - now my hair is curly and quite short. About the salon - it is a small place, family run, been in business in a converted old home for years. A dog and a couple of cats have the run of the place. They sit in the empty client chairs or jump up on your lap when you’re under the dryer. Joys of a small town. Four other ladies came in while I was there for their once a week styling and I think I was the youngest customer there. Perm turned out great.
The deer have started to come back, mostly for the salt lick. They are still a little skittish about coming closer to the fence for the corn. And I think all the rain keeps them away too.
Went into town the other day and had to put gas in the Jeep it’s up to $4.17 a gallon here – and this was last week – Gosh knows what it is now. Sure glad I don’t have to drive for a job anymore.
Plumber came back to try to fix my shower – put in a new piece – still doesn’t work. Don’t know what to do next. They think it might be the fault of the water heater. What happens is – if the water gets too warm and I turn it down just a hair – very quickly all I have is COLD water. This happens in some of the other faucets too but not ALL the time. Just hope it gets fixed – not fun.
Bill has been busy with his leather work. Will take some pictures and post them later.

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  1. Sure does look gloomy there! We have had some rain, but not constantly...for 18 days!!! I'd be going crazy! It has turned cooler though and we will be getting some rain in a few days. Post a pic of the hair do.