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Monday, November 4, 2013

3/4ers of a Century. Oh My!

Today was a great day – cold and overcast most of the day but nice none the less.
This morning we picked up our friends from Indiana at the airport. Went out to breakfast with them before they checked into their hotel. Then we let them catch up with the time change. 
This evening we went out with them and our youngest son and his wife - who live here - for dinner to celebrate my 75th birthday. Our son brought me a WHOLE carrot cake. Had a delicious dinner and great company.
Tomorrow our oldest son is coming into Vegas so we’ll get to spend some time with him too. And do a lot of sight seeing during the week.
Finished the Anne Hillerman book. It was pretty good. Especially if you’ve read any of her father’s books. 


  1. Well Happy Birthday! Nice to celebrate it with family and friends!

  2. Happy Birthday Carol. Glad you could spend it with family and friends. Keep an eye on that carrot cake so it doesn't disappear!!! Love your blog.

  3. Happy birthday one day late - hope there was ice cream to go with that cake!

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday Carol!!! This one sounds like it was special.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Carol! Been on the road and have missed some posts! Enjoy Vegas!

    Hi to Bill!