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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Just some Las Vegas sights.

Got busy yesterday and didn’t get a chance to do this. We picked up our friends from Indiana at their hotel yesterday a.m. While waiting for them to come down Bill and I GAMBLED!!!! Here he is putting his whole dollar into the machine. He worked it up to $1.25!
Then he let me pull the handle……lost it all in five pulls. That’s the end of gambling for the year. I don’t like it that you can’t use coins any more. Doesn’t seem real – the tickets are like play money.
We ate a small breakfast at Sam’s Town where they are staying then headed to the Strip to tour some of the hotels. Parked at the Bellagio first. A view across the street of the Paris. It was a beautiful clear sunny but cool day.
I think the Bellagio is my favorite hotel. So pretty inside. Just a small part of the mosaic floors. So colorful and intricate. The mosaic pieces about ½ inch square.
And the ceiling in the lobby. Pictures just don’t do it justice. All glass flowers.
Th Atrium is decorated for Thanksgiving and Halloween. Always fun to see. Big pumpkins and one of the face trees.
Another section. All the flowers and pumpkins, squash etc are real. This was one of the smaller pumpkins.
Bill was talking to one of the gardners/maintenance people and he told us that the plants are checked every night and replaced if needed. All the living plants are in pots including the trees.  I wonder who supplies all the plants? If they have their own nursery?
This is a flower replica of Andy Warhol’s painting The Dollar Sign.
And of course we had to go look at the Chocolate Fountain.
And the chocolate sculptures in the shop. The witch is all chocolate. 
From the Bellagio we walked across the street to the Paris. Just looking up the front of the building to the Eiffel Tower.
Inside the casino floor of the Paris. The figures are just painted.
Another view inside the hotel walking to the shopping section. Made to look like you’re walking a Paris street.
Inside one of the pastry shops. Just a small sampling of goodies.
And a menu of crepes – good selection made while you wait. But prices are a little high.
After walking around the Paris we went back to the Bellagio to pick up the car and drive over to the Venetian. This is a painting on the ceiling of the Check In/Valet Parking area of the Venetian.
This is one of the most elaborate hotels here. The ceiling in the lobby area.
Walking down the hallway towards the casino. More fancy ceiling – I kept bumping into people cause I was looking up not forward.
The floor – almost looks 3-dimensional.
One of the human statues. Amazing how they can stand so still – until some one takes a picture of them without giving them a tip. Then the middle finger seems to come alive and wave! No not at me. 
The Grand Canal part of the Venetian. And the Gondoliers even sing. Don’t know the people in the boat just took their picture.
We were going to eat lunch here but our favorite restaurant was no longer here.
While wandering around here our oldest son called to let us know he had made it here from California. So we made plans to meet early evening at youngest son’s house for dinner.

This is just a strange illusion. I was standing outside looking in at this gold sculpture on the wall of a very expensive art gallery. The girl’s face was on a big poster on a wall behind me reflecting in the window. They came together really neat. Took the photo on the chance it would come out.
 So that was the end of our touring for the day. We headed out to find someplace for lunch. Then later went to son's house. Had forgotten about the traffic in Vegas at 5:30 at night. He lives 16 miles straight across town from where we are staying and it took almost an hour. Bumper to bumper traffic. Delicious dinner and great visiting with friends and family. A lot of old remember when tales were told. 
Not sure what we're doing today as oldest son is still in town but has to head home early afternoon. Do know we're going out to breakfast first. Looks like it's going to be another beautiful day and warmer. 

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