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Saturday, November 2, 2013

What stays in Vegas.

Unproductive day yesterday. Ran a bunch of errands that didn’t accomplish anything. Went to Sam’s Club to see if any of the new books by my favorite authors were out – Nope, at least they didn’t have them. I did see one that interested me though – but hate spending $16 for someone I haven’t read before. I’ve read all the Tony Hillerman books about the tribal police in the four corner area. This book is by his daughter Anne and carries on with the same characters. Didn’t buy it. But when we got home went to the Nook store and got it for $12 – storing up reading for when we get to Mexico.
Then we stopped at the stained glass store we always went to when living here. I needed a couple of little things I can’t get at home but mostly to talk and visit with the owners. They weren’t there – so will have to go back there before we leave.
And then to the big indoor swap meet here. There is a rug – throw rug – dealer there that we’ve bought stuff from in the past and we are looking for a 3x5 oval rug for in here. Thought for sure we’d find it there – nope no ovals and the rectangular were too big or too ugly. So didn’t get that done either.  And then we forgot to stop at the market to get peppers.
Got home in time to watch soccer game – Barcelona won but played terrible like they were all half asleep. But during last and this month they are playing a game every three days. Rough schedule. Bill says that they get so worn out that when they tell their legs to run – their legs say “forget you”  well that’s not quite the way he phrased it.
Then watched the truck race. Kyle’s truck blew up half way through the race. At least he starts near the front for the Cup race. 
We do have a mystery though – THE SAGA OF THE CARROT CAKE  When we went out to dinner the night before last we both got desserts with our meals but were full so we brought them home with us. Two deserts – one apple pie and one slice of carrot cake. Each in its own plastic container. I put both in the refrigerator. Later that night just before going to bed I decided I wanted a dessert. Opened the refrig – checked the first plastic container – it had the carrot cake. Nope didn’t want that so got out the other container and ate the apple pie. Threw away the empty container and went to bed. Yesterday after the race I thought the carrot cake would taste good. Opened the refrig – no plastic container. Hum????? “Bill did you eat the carrot cake?” “What carrot cake?” “The one we brought home last night.” “NO – I don’t eat carrot cake.” Open refrig and look again. Moved everything in there. No container with cake. “Well it’s not here.”  His reply, “Its got to be unless you got up in the middle of the night and ate it.” Did I? Looked through the trash – only one plastic container in trash – the one from the pie. Now he is up and looking in the refrig. We both look through the trash again. We look in every cupboard and closet and under the chairs. No plastic container containing carrot cake. What the???? It is not in the refrig. It is not in the trash. It is not in any cupboard. I KNOW I put it in the refrigerator and I KNOW it was there when I got the pie out. To end the story we still haven’t found it or any remains of it. It just disappeared into thin air. No idea where it went. Neither of us ate it and neither of us threw it out. End of story.   Nothing else is missing – just the cake. Guess it is one of those things that’s going to stay in Vegas.

Read that on Halloween night there was a big storm that went through central Indiana – lots of damage. Haven’t heard any thing from our friend who is house sitting for us so hopefully all is well in our area. 


  1. Had not heard of Tony Hillerman until today and now have heard of him twice! Hope the cake turns up while it is still good to eat - that was so funny, thanks for sharing.

  2. Carol, I discovered your blog through George's posts.
    Enjoyed the Hillerman books very much!

    Re the Carrot cake: perhaps Kokopelli or Coyote, the local tricksters, were at work at your place.