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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Oh Oh - Bill has messed up his back.

Thursday was an “off” day. The day was a little overcast but warm enough. All we did was take a short drive in the afternoon to the Argentine Market again, stopped by son’s business and gave them some cookies.
Friday morning we went out to breakfast so Bill could have some of his lingonberry crepes at IHop. Then to Camping World to return the hitch locks that don’t fit – they didn’t have the right size.
Picked up our friends at noon and went to Caesar’s Palace to watch the animated fountain shows. Neither of them were running today. Making repairs to them or something. So just went out to lunch then back home so I could watch Truck race.
I’ve been downloading a lot of 99cent to 3.99 books from Barnes and Nobel for when we’re in Mexico. Lots of authors I haven’t read before.
Watched Truck Race early evening and was thrilled that Eric Jones won driving Kyle’s #51. He’s only 17 years old.
This morning we took a couple big packages to UPS to mail to California and Bill twisted his back getting them from the Alfa to the car. Got them mailed and went to grocery store and by then his left leg was feeling numb! Lovely. Last time that happened he had to have back surgery. Sure hope it gets better on its own.
At 1:00 we have to take our friends to the airport. Then home to watch the rest of the Nationwide race. Probably won’t be doing much else.

Monday morning we leave here for Arizona

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  1. So sorry Bill. Feel better soon. Don't overdo anything and just rest.