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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Good friends and good food.

Yesterday turned out to be a really interesting and nice day – not weather wise as it stayed windy and cloudy most of the day.  Still a little windy today but the sky is clear and desert blue. Going to be warm I think.
I was going to do a load of laundry in the morning and discovered the washer/dryer won’t come on. Have checked all the breakers and reasons we can think of and still nothing. Maybe the plug just got loose or????? Can’t take it out of the cupboard where it is so will let it be until we get home. At least it isn’t important.
After I posted my blog yesterday I noticed a comment on it and checked it out. For a couple years I’ve had a reader that lives in this area. Last year he told me where I could get my watch fixed and brought me a whole carrot cake for my birthday. This year he and his wife invited us to have lunch with them just up the highway a bit. Of course we said a resounding YES. So we met them for lunch at a great restaurant. Best fish and chips I’ve had in a long time. Anyway – had a wonderful time talking about Mexico – They usually spend about a month in San Blas/Aticama area every year. We’ve actually been there at the same time but haven’t connected while there. This year we will try to make it happen.
After lunch they invited us to their home – beautiful place. There we had desert – carrot cake! Such a great couple – We’re honored to have them as friends and readers.
Did some shopping and came home to NASCAR.
Watched the truck race – now that was a great race – some real hard racing by most everyone. Kyle won! And by winning he also won the Owner’s Championship for his company. And one of his drivers finished 8th in the championship points. This afternoon is the Nationwide race.
Hum…..there are police and border patrol cars moving quite fast through the campground – heading towards the far back area out into the desert. Think I’ll close the door for a while.
I tore my knitting up again last night. Somehow I managed to drop a stitch in one row and add three stitches in another row. How do I manage to ADD stitches? No idea how to fix that mess. Maybe I’ll try something else now.

Just some pictures I took of the sunset last night. 

Nothing like a desert sunset. 


  1. Great sunset pics Carol - not seeing many here in the trees!

  2. I know - that is one of the things I miss when we are at home in the middle of the trees. That and being able to see a long way.

  3. As a reader of your blog, I am grateful for your many stories and feel that I am travelling along with you. I also hope that we will meet you some day and be able to exchange travel stories. Keep it up. Much appreciated!!