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Friday, July 16, 2010

Can I Live With You?

Tuesday - Friday
Weather is HORRID!!! Temp is supposedly 76 but humidity is 88% - and no it isn’t raining. My glasses are fogging up as I sit here typing.
Have a couple of plumbers here to fix the leaks we found – both hose connections outside were leaking a lot. Just found out there are special types of outside faucets for here where it freezes in the winter. And we shouldn’t leave the hoses connected to them during the winter. Guess we should have figured that one out……
Continued to remain hot all week – high temps high humidity. Not pleasant. Bill says that by the time he waters all the plants the plants are already dry and he is wringing wet.
Friday p.m. Here’s a picture of humidity in the air – NO it was NOT raining.

On Wednesday we got a visitor – he just showed up at the door and wondered if he could move in. Picture is through screen door into garage.

Well here he is now – think he got his wish. They're watching a soccer game.

He is a Siberian Husky about 2 years old. Can’t locate any one who claims him so guess he is here for now. Took him over to be bathed and prettied up and got special dog food for him – groomer said, “He needs high protein and oils as his coat is dull and coarse.” You know that food is the most expensive kind. And then there are leashes, brushes, dishes, anti flea etc stuff. He is house broken, rides well in the car and pretty darn smart. Maybe too smart. Unless we can figure out how to keep him in the yard – he already unlatches the gates – he may be finding another new home. We call him Kyle. Don’t know if I want to be a responsible parent again.
Bill is getting antsy about hitting the road again. So probably will look into going to northern Indiana and Michigan for a while. Just a short trip.
We have found someone in Elkhart, IN that can fix the satellite stuff on the Alfa. So that might just give us the push to get going. So we’ll have to put all the stuff in Jennie that we “borrowed” from Alfie.
I got my new printer – works great but it takes four different cartridges of inks. It’s an office jet instead of an ink jet.
Just watched the TV weather – had to laugh - in Indianapolis the temp was 93 with a heat index of 101. In Las Vegas the temp was 111 with a heat index of only 105. Why can’t it be like that here?
Going downstairs now to watch the Truck races and it is cooler down there.

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  1. Looks like Kyle needs to get his bags packed for a travel trip. Hope he doesn't want to drive, lol.