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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Thursday a.m.
Absolutely nothing going on around here – just too hot. Been in the 90s everyday and no rain for ten days. Later today we are supposed to get some rain and the temps are supposed to drop a little. Am glad it is not as hot as on the East Coast –
We had company for dinner on the 4th. Got to use the new BBQ grill. Found out if it starts smoking the smoke stays on the porch it doesn’t go out through the screen. Hummmm will have to rethink that situation. Maybe bring down a big fan to force it out. Or roll the BBQ out onto the nonscreened portion to cook.
Got a nice surprise in the mail. The home warranty we have on the appliances sent us a check minus the deductible for the cost of the new microwave. Yipee.
Have been going into Columbus almost daily. Nice air conditioned restaurants and stores there to hang out in.
Been staying inside with the AC on full time (hate to see our electric bill for this month!) and re-reading a lot of my old paperback books – some I read so long ago that I don’t remember any thing about them. Also been working on the quilt – putting on the binding I can do that with my old machine. Haven’t heard yet what the good one is going to cost to fix. IF I remember how I think I can do some of the quilting on the old machine too. But right now it is too hot to have it draped all over me to work on it. Bill put up the new lights in the laundry room so now it is waiting for me to paint it. Ha.

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  1. If you have a ledge on the screened in porch, maybe set a box fan there, blowing out and it would suck the smoke out as opposed to blowing it around the porch area. Just a thought!