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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Odds, Ends and Interesting Things

Thursday morning
Been interesting around here the last couple of days. Very hot and humid with rain now and then. One of the rain storms brought a tornado in Trafalger about 15 miles from here. In fact we can see the radio towers in Trafalger from our back deck. For once it didn’t attack mobile homes it just took out some trees and an old barn. Thank goodness for that. And I’m glad I didn’t see the funnel cloud while it was out there. Would have been in the car heading out of Indiana.
Woke up yesterday morning without power. Went out sometime during the night and didn’t come back on till about noon. So we got the heck out of the house – went to Bloomington to the nice air conditioned Best Buy and looked at new phones – the DroidX looked okay but they didn’t have any in stock. Although…I wasn’t even sure we would be able to make a phone call on it. Let alone use all the “apps” and other goodies it has. (We have a cell phone now that we never use.) Then we went to Barnes and Noble to check out the e-book reader the Nook. Looks like a good deal but I have a terrible feeling that it could get really expensive real quick if I started reading a lot. Checked out the Kindle at Target too – didn’t like it at all – but supposedly you can read it in bed without a light being on. BUT it is hard to read outside because of the type of screen it has fades out in the sunlight. So home we went without spending any money. When we got home the power was on and it was nice in the house.
Also had gutter covers put on the gutters – without them the gutters just fill up with leaves and the water pours down the side of the house. So hopefully now the wind will blow the leaves off the gutter covers and the rain will go where it is supposed to go down the gutters and down spouts. We wanted trees and seasons – so we pay the price.
Was looking at the pond the other day and saw a small snake taking a swim. About as big around as my thumb and about 18 inches long. Just enjoying himself. Bill said he’s seen a big one in there – about six feet long.
Thursday afternoon
Bitchy the doe was around this week. The photo is her attacking her “friend”
This one was the one running - she has one blind eye
Got a catalogue in the mail – this is one of the things for sale in it. What every house needs – a gun concealing clock. I know where to order one.
Or how about “A lambskin pistol pouch with a hidden gun area. A fanny pack that packs heat.” Interesting reading – must be a country thing.

Got my sewing machine back today – that’s all I’ll say about it. Will try it out tomorrow morning while it is still a little cool.

Oh yes. It is raining now.

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