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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Babies out Back and Gremlins About

Saturday about noon
The gremlins are busy at work around here. We figured the lightening strike took out the lamp post near the big motorhome. Then discovered the pump for the waterfall in the pond is not working either – both lamp post and pump are about the same distance from the tree that hot hit. Bill fixed the lamp but hasn’t gone in the pond (saw a big snake swimming around in there a few days ago) to pull out the pump.
Then the microwave went on the blink, then my sewing machine broke and now my big (could print 13” x 19” pictures) has quit working. Have tried everything I can think of to get it working and it just sits there winking at me. Crap.
Watched the race last nite – Kyle managed to win on the last lap. Today he should be so lucky. He is starting 33rd! Not good.
Found a new printer on line – same as I had and free shipping. Goody, Goody.
Late afternoon
Oh So Cute
Happened to walk out on the deck in time to see these guys. Took pictures through the screen so they aren’t really clear.
Where are you MOM?

Oh there you are!
Love them!

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  1. What fun to sit on your deck and watch the wildlife. The fawns were a special treat. Beautiful!