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Monday, July 12, 2010

Company for Lunch

Monday a.m.
Had company yesterday for lunch – one real person, deer and turkeys – fed them all.
No picture of real person.
Are you taking another picture of me?

Today I should hear about my sewing machine – when I can get it back. Worked on some of the hand work on the quilt yesterday. Got about four feet of the binding stitched by hand then gave up – just too hot to do it. If I work on a few feet a day eventually I’ll get it done.
Spent some time out on the deck/porch yesterday reading. With the fans running it was really nice. Here are the new additions for out there. Bill made the foot stools – very handy guy to have around.
So glad they caught that "Barefoot Bandit" kid - can't believe that he is a Hero to so many. Last plane he took was from Bloomington about 25 miles from here.

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