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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Memories are made of These

Rainy Tuesday a.m.
Started raining yesterday afternoon – and cooled things off pretty nice. Supposed to have more rain for the next several days along with the heat. The lawn and plants sure can use it. And I imagine the farmers are happy – as long as it doesn’t flood.
It did make for a nice sunset though. Because west is behind the trees we usually can’t see any colors. This is looking north towards Indy.

And this morning – same scene but with the morning fog.

Had company yesterday for dinner – nice to talk to a female for a while. Bill cooked – also nice.
Was walking through the house cleaning – yes cleaning – yesterday and was seeing all the things our kids have given to us or made for us over the years. At least what has survived the earthquakes and moves. Lots of memories here. And there are even more I didn’t take pictures of. In no particular order:

My Dad made this in Junior High - My Mom painted the edges before giving it to me.
My Zen candles - they are kind of weird shaped cause one summer in Vegas when we left for vacation we didn't leave the air conditioning running and they melted! Thanks Randy
The candle holders were made in wood shop by the boys - many years ago There are a couple more that aren't in the picture
Randy made this bookshelf in junior high - the little vase on the middle shelf next to the books Gil made in grammer school - either Kinder or 1st grade
An assortment of stuff - Randy and John
My Mom painted these
Made in school but don't remember who
John made this for one Christmas
We brought him home with us from our trip to South America
Thank you Dennis

The guilty parties
Randy did this when 7 years old - how do I remember that - it says it on the picture
Made in high school ceramics class - again handy Randy
Another of Randy's projects - one summer school

Gil picked up the two dolls for me in his travels
Made in wood shop
Paul gave me the minature table and chairs - and the LOVE was made in school
Two more candle holders - a friend of Bill's did the painting
Wow - journey through time. Love you all.

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  1. I cant belive you have that stuff still and remember who did what.. Cute =)