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Friday, July 2, 2010

Hot and Rainy June

Tuesday a.m. it's a cool 57 degrees out right now!
Been awhile since I’ve done any posting. Been busy and just not in the mood I guess.
First get the weather reporting taken care of. The month of June was the third wettest in history. It rained 24 of the 30 days. And I mean RAINED! Lots of thunder and lightening and inches of water. Lots of ruined crops in the lower lands. All but one day the humidity was up in the high 70s% which made it miserable out. For the last two days it has been wonderful – in the mid 70s with very little humidity. Today that is changing – heading for upper 80s with over 90 predicted for the 4th and humidity. Rain in the forecast for Monday. Last night it was cool enough to put on long pants before going into town. First time in a long time. Enough of that!
Our oldest son and his wife came to visit us from California for a week. Did some of the tourist things while they were here. Walked around the little town and even found some shops I hadn’t been in before. That's them in the back ground. Found a great rocking chair in the shope we had just left - so comfortable!
Them again - heading into another shop that sells garden and lawn stuff.....
Just some pretty flowers I saw downtown.
Then we took the “Studio and Garden Tour” Its when several of the artists around the area open their studio homes and gardens. Strange clouds we came across while driving through the country
Also some "yard art"
And a private covered bridge.
Really fun to do. Get to see a lot of the back country – read gravel roads and ruts – (took the mustange and it bottomed out a couple of times) and the shops where the artists work which is always interesting. Saw – pottery being made, great photography and stained glass studios, mosaic and wood working and oil painting. People are sure gifted.
While here our son helped install a new microwave. Ours went kaput and no one around here would even come out to look at it ‘cause it was a Daewoo. So this time we got a Maytag.
Bill and Dennis putting new one in. In the background is the high chair that was Dennises when he was a baby. Should I say - it is over 51 years old!
Our back deck is now finished – all screened in with a couple of ceiling fans (which son helped wire). So nice to be able to sit out there now and not be attacked by the wasps.
BBQ is new - while here Dennis put it together for Bill. Tablecloth is from Mexico - has been in the cupboard till now.
Got to watch a couple of fun things from there. A couple of does came by with their little, still spotted fawns – couldn’t get a good picture as they were pretty shy.
Then watched another doe and the three tom turkeys argued about who was going to get to eat the corn.
The deer finally won but there was a lot of chasing back and forth first.
More sights from the deck. The fish love to eat bread - there are zillions of them.
A couple butterflies enjoying the flowers.
The slow life in Brown County.
Bill has been watching the World Cups games - 2 a day since they began June 11 - they will end July 12! I've been working on my quilt - but that has come to a stand still as I broke my sewing machine...Took it in for repair yesterday - will probably be a couple of weeks before I get it back and I don't want to know what it will cost. But it will be much cheaper then buying a new one.

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