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Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunrise - Sunset and all in between

Saturday morning sunrise – this is looking north towards Indianapolis (40 miles away) Bill was up to catch it.

Saturday we kept busy working downstairs – the coolest place in the house. Bill on his leather and me on my necklace.

Five pins and three barrettes
Watched a soccer game in the afternoon – Argentina against Brazil – Argentina won. Messie made 3 goals – amazing player. The ref seemed to be a little biased towards Brazil and after he didn’t call a penalty kick after a foul against Messie – Messie looked at and shook his finger at him. Like saying “Well Okay for now”. About a minute later he made his third goal of the game. Then went over and said something to the ref. After the game we went into our little town and walked around a bit. Some pictures from there.

Carriage rides

made of soda cans

old house a now shop

stuff for sale
Yesterday I watched the NASCAR race – for Pocono it was pretty good. Except Kyle #18 blew his engine half way through the race – second week in a row! What’s with that? But glad Joey Logano won – he worked for it.
Finished my necklace while watching it. Turned out pretty nice.
how necklace looks after finishing it

to wear it is folded in half

better look at the beads and colors
Last nights sunset - it was 9:30 when I took this.
Looks like it rained a little last night with more expected later today.
Went down to take a pic of the necklace and caught her looking in at me.
The septic people were just here - joys of not living in the city.
Guess we're going into town for a bit - so better finish this.

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