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Friday, June 8, 2012

Don’t know when I’ll be able to get this posted as the Internet is popping in and out this morning. Just about the time a page loads the service goes out again. I think there are ghosts in dem dere clouds in de hills.

Think I finally have both web pages updated, all the items numbered so I have a decent inventory and all the links working right – (now that is wishful thinking if every there was any.) For some reason some of the links even though they were right would bring up the wrong image!!!! How does that happen????
Had a quiet day yesterday – except for computer didn’t do much.
Weather has been wonderful for a while but is heading into high 80s and humidity for the weekend. So if I want to get any chores done I should do it now right? – Have to think about it.
I haven’t worked on my necklace for a week – almost to where I had to rip it out from.
But Bill has been busy with his leather work. Has made some really nice hair barrettes and pins and pendants. Haven't put them on the web site yet.
Went into town this a.m. Had to buy corn for the deer and birdseed. Then of course to Wal*Mart for groceries for us. Got gasoline – managed to actually fill the tank for under $50 this time. Funny how now when gas is under $3.60 we say, “ Oh look gas is cheap today.” Seems like it was not too long ago that it was 35cents AND we got S & H green stamps with it. How’s that for dating myself.
Been reading a new series of books by JD Nixon – all have Heller in the title– that is a person. Kind of cute easy reading about a security providing company and the people who work there.
Racing at Pocono this weekend - that is usually a boring race. Watched The Prelude to the Dream the other night - now that was racing - dirt track style - lots of driving sideways and turning the wheels to the right to go left. And best of all Kyle #18 won!

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  1. Nice barrette! Really annoying when you are trying to get something done on the computer and the Internet doesn't cooperate.