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Friday, June 22, 2012

Going to be a hot summer I'm afraid

Just barely one day into summer and we've already had nine days over 90 - and the "average" is only 15 for a year! Yah! Right! Last year we had 42. And I remember every one of them.
But a cold front is passing through now and it will only be in the highh 80s then a few days in the 70s whoopie.
The Studio and Garden Tour for Brown County is going on over this weekend. It's really fun - drive all around the area and visit the different artist's studios and see them work. I've got some good ideas the couple of times we went on it. But this year we'll be staying home 'cause Bill stuck an OPEN Studio sign out front. Wonder if anyone will stop by. Part of me hopes so and the other part of me hopes not. Weird letting strangers into the house. Hum.....just looked at the map and this year there is nobody up near us participating.
I've been WORKING! again. Trying to put together some rack cards and other print stuff for Bill with an on-line printing company - they are about getting on my last nerve. I put on thing on and two disappear. But think I finally have it. Just have to proof the rack card and order it.
Been playing around with the beads lately, made some cute little bracelets - take about 1/2 hour to make and fun to do. Also finished another stained glass sun catcher. Can't work on my 2nd quilt as there is leather stuff all over my work tables. No rush to finish it anyway.
Well time to head way downstairs to the cool part of the house and watch NASCAR practice. Sure hope Kyle's engine lasts this weekend.

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