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Saturday, June 2, 2012

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today Bill has his bypass surgery - He pretty much doesn't remember too much of that day - Except when the surgeon told him he would be taking his heart out...he remembers that clearly. I guess you would.
Been busy - the Jeep has his new muffler so he is much quieter now.
We've set up a booth for the Wind Spirits and Masks at an Antique Mall near here. Once we got it set up - yesterday and today - we don't really have to do anything else. It is all taken care of by the Mall. Just have to replace things if/when they sell.

Stopped at the Visitors Center down in the town and joined their group. So now we are listed on their web site  www.browncounty.com  under things to do - art. One more step. This is begining to sound more and more like a JOB!!! 
My quilt is in the show - and wouldn't you know we've had the coldest nights in over two months - with just a thin blanket on the bed. Be glad to get it back tomorrow afternoon. Then it will probably get warm again.
Bill has been busy with his Wood Spirits - he gets involved making them and before you know it a day has passed. I've finished a quilt I was making - now have to get it mailed. Then I have the other one to finish.
And started on a new beading project and did the soldering on another sun catcher.  Soon I'm going to have to make a sign "Need money for hobbies" and stand on the corner with it. 
We are having racoon problems - the darn things won't leave the bird feeders alone. They come up on the deck after them - usually after dark. Last night I was sitting and reading when they started fighting out side the den. About wet my pants thought some one was trying to break in.  Blocked the hole they'd dug under the fence so maybe it will take them a couple of days to get back up here. 
Time to go find something for dinner - probably some of the empanadas we froze - don't feel like cooking.


  1. Be careful. They often carry rabies.

  2. That's a really colorful wall. I bet these would be very popular with the New Orleans Mardi Gras crowd. Bill is a great example of what modern medicine and determined patients can accomplish.