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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lights and Music

Monday evening after a really hot humid day we were sitting outside on the porch enjoying the evening. You notice I didn’t say the “quiet” of the evening. The many different species of birds were chirping, the frogs croaking and the wood peckers ratta tat tating. (How do they not get a head ache?) Then the light show began – both in the sky and on the ground. At the far horizon the sky was brilliant red; just up from the red it was deep blue and closer to us there was a white cloud cover. Looked like someone had painted a flag but got the sequence of the colors mixed up. Then the fire flies came out – it’s the first time this year I’ve seen them. Like twinkling Christmas lights all around.

For so many years we lived in the southwest and didn’t see any I forgot about them. When our son and daughter-in-law came to visit a couple of years ago they were fascinated by them. It was quite warm and so humid out that the chairs we were sitting in felt wet. Around here they call it “muggly weather” or “air you can feel.”
Yesterday the weather changed and the temperatures dropped along with the humidity. A really nice day. But now we are experiencing a lack of rain. 11inches behind last years totals. And none in the forecast. But it sure felt nice to sit outside.
Today is supposed to be almost perfect weather out – high 70s low humidity – we should take the convertible out for a ride.
Believe it or not I am still fighting with the outdoor lights – the automatic ones. I can either get them to come on or go off – but not both….driving me nuts as I’ve programmed them many times in the years we’ve had them. Yesterday I was sure I had it right – but they didn’t come on. And get this – I turned them on finally but about an hour later they were OUT again. Grrrrr. Turned them back on and they went out by themselves this morning. Makes me wonder about my mind……..
AND we are fighting those darn little moths we fought all winter long in the motorhome. They have infested us here – and we have the bug people come in once a month but isn’t anything that gets rid of these things. We still look crazy running around swatting at the air.
Had to chase a raccoon off the back deck this morning – he was heading for the bird seed. Brazen things. But no more snakes inside.
Was looking at some old photos and came across this pic of Monument Valley from a few years ago. Just thought it was peaceful.

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