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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beautiful Saturday so Far

Going to be a blue sky white puffy cloud day today - high 80s and humid air moving in - but right now it is nice. Hopefully we will get the predicted rain on Monday and Tuesday. Grass needs it.
I've already fed the deer, birds and hummingbirds. Bill feeds his fish - when they hear the screen door open they all come swimming to this end of the pond waiting for him. Still have to get rid of the darn raccoons. How can something so cute be such a pain in the drain? - kind of like little kids.
Forgot to mention that while we were down stairs yesterday "working" Bill with his leather  - me beading and watching NASCAR practice I happened to look over towards the fireplace and wondered how the lamp cord managed to get stuck in a small glue trap....took a closer look - it was a little snake about a foot long and the size of my little finger - poor thing. I told Bill he should skin it and use it for decoration on his leather stuff - he didn't seem to take to the idea. Then I poked it and realized it was still alive. Crap I hate to find live things in glue traps - nothing we could do for him but put it outside - maybe he figured out how to get out of it. He was gray with a yellow belly - near as I can figure out a Ringneck. Harmless.
Probably going to finish that necklace today during qualifying. Then I have a lot of pictures to put on the web pages of Bills new stuff.

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  1. "Pain in the drain"...I'll have to remember that one! Eeewwwww on the snake. We had a little rain here last night so I don't have to water today, but it's going to be hot the next few days!