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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ode to a high chair

I’ve been so busy adding to the Fantasy Manor and Beaded Jewelry facebook and web pages sites I forgot about updating my blog. Shame on me.

Where to begin…..
Saturday was our oldest son’s birthday – never mind how old – lets just say it’s really hard for me to believe he is that old. When he was six months old his Grandmother, my Mother, got him a high chair for Christmas. It was a Sears high chair with a padded seat and a white plastic tray. I still have that high chair. The tray disappeared some where after our fifth and youngest son was done using it. Many times through the years I’ve recovered it to match our “décor” and to cover stains and rips. Have also repainted it a few times. All five kids learned to eat “real food” while sitting in it. Glad it can’t talk! Lately it’s mainly been used as a step stool – especially since I expanded too much to sit in it. Here it is in all its glory.
53 1/2 years old
We were supposed to get rain over the weekend but no such luck. Bill really has a job now watering all the plants and lawn. Hate to see our water bill this month. It is surprising to see so many brown lawns here in Indiana – especially since it’s only the middle of June. Farmers are getting worried. We’re also having a string of pretty hot days – mid 90s and getting more humid by the day.
As I said I’ve been adding to the information on the web pages and facebook pages…..have not tweeted lately – still not sure how that works. And I’ve been working on a bio for Bill for the Hoosier Artist Gallery web site – they will add him to their pages in July sometime. Guess he is really “coming up” in the world. A Juried Artist no less……
Finished another jewelry set – necklace and bracelet – it was easy and fun – I might even wear it for the 4th of July.
Of course watched the race over the weekend. Looks like Jeff Gordon’s black cloud is now hanging over my favorite driver Kyle Busch #18 – he has lost his engine in the last three races! And miracle of miracles Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the race. Celebrations all over Sunday night. Good for him, glad for him. Next week a road course.
Fixed corn beef and cabbage the other night – it was sooooo good. Still eating the leftovers. I have to learn how to cook for just two!
Well it’s getting too hot to stay here upstairs – time to head to the basement where it is cool. Till later. Check out the facebook pages www.facebook.com/ann.sirimarco and from there the Fantasy Manor Art and Beaded Jewelry facebook pages. Told you I was keeping busy!

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