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Friday, June 29, 2012


If I'm going to be doing any posting I'll have to take my laptop downstairs as it is way too hot to sit up here on the top floor and do anything.
Yesterday we were warmer  - 103 - than LAS VEGAS - and that is without the heat index - with it we were a LOT warmer. Only went down to low 70s last nite. But the AC ran most of the night to cool the house off.
I just saw on-line that the fireworks have been cancelled for the 4th - just going to be too hot, windy and dry to chance them. I think Bill is going to have to give up on the lawn and just try to keep his plants and trees alive.
My plans for today are: sit most of the day in the downstairs under a fan and watch NASCAR.
We got the RackCards we ordered for the business - we'll put some of them at the Visitor's Center and some at Hoosier Artist Gallery. They turned out pretty nice so also worked up and ordered some new business cards (cheaper than printing them ourselves) and some brouchers. These are the RackCards

the front

the back
Bill is way downstairs working on some leather sculptures - real pretty - but he is just learning how to do them.
When we were spending part of the winter in Mazatlan we used to go to the little town of Malpica, about 30 miles away to go to the bakery there - such delicious stuff. Well! I was going through the freezer the other day and found a couple packages of the the rolls that I had frozen. They are still delicious but only have four of them. And guess what - it is cooler in Mazatlan than it is here! - Tempting!!!!!Enough for now my glasses are starting to fog up.

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