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Friday, January 16, 2015

Cosala visit to silver mine

Friday – the middle of January already – time flies. Yesterday was another gray and cool day – the third day in a row we didn’t need air conditioning. In fact even kept most of the windows closed. Stayed home all day – only left the RV to walk up front and download a couple of books. Got the third and final Garden of Allah series – Citizen Hollywood. I will miss the three main characters when I finish it.
We are debating on what to do in the next few weeks – our rent is up the 22nd – should we stay here and be involved with Paquis, should we go south to Aticama to see our friends and then continue south to Guanajuato, or should we head north. Decisions, decisions. Diesel is almost 4 dollars a gallon here now and Guanajuato is over 600 miles away. But then we could go to Queretaro and go home through Texas. We are still waiting to hear from our friend at home, he had planned on coming down for a week but…hasn’t decided when yet.
Seeings how we did absolutely nothing to write about yesterday I’ll finish our trip to Cosala back on December 28th – when we went out to the silver mine.  After our tour of the beautiful town our host Chiquis (Jesus), Paquis’ (Francesca) husband, took us out in the country to see the big silver mine. Streets get narrower as we leave town.
hum  who is going the wrong way?
Looks like it will be a nice ride but a little curvy – road is paved.
Well kind of – watch out for the drop off.
Crossing a river – what happened to the pavement?
Just an interest root system on a tree we passed. We were getting more and more into a forested area.
So much for pavement – hope we don’t meet any oncoming traffic. The entire road in will eventually be paved. 
He was acting a little aggressive – gave him a wide berth.
Going into an Ecologica area. Lots of trees, flowers and wildlife (except for the cow we didn’t see any)
Even less of a road. REALLY hope we don’t meet anyone. Lots of curves too. Going out we met some ATVs but they could scoot out of our way. 
We stopped at an area where the housing for the miners used to be – it was abandoned in the mid 1950s when the mine closed. At that time it was not worth the trouble to mine silver. 
How it used to look.
Across the river is the mine – Mina Nuestra Senora. It is now open and operating again. Bought by a Canadian company. With new technology and upswing in price of silver it worth reopening it. 
Looking across the river at it.
The little river. Very pretty and peaceful here. The water was crystal clear.
More river and vegetation. The hills were covered in trees. And there supposedly are green macaws all over but didn’t see one.
Again looking across at the mine. It was shift change for the dump trucks – new shift coming in. Glad we didn't meet any on the road! They go over three miles into the mountain to pick up the ore!
Looking at a piece of rock/ore – lots of silver in it. And some mica that looked like gold! I wish.
The dust hanging over the road the dump trucks used. – and part of the road we had to take out. Cough Cough.
Fellow traveler. No trouble passing him.
When we got back to town we returned to our hosts home. Just some pictures from their interior patio. Lots of Christmas decorations.

Dinner was being cooked and were expected to stay and eat. BBQribs, marinated grilled meat and grilled onions – yum. Back in my posting a ways I posted a picture of Bill actually eating the ribs with his fingers!
The dining table outside in the patio area.
Same area lit up at dusk.
Sitting around the firepots talking. Paquis, Roberto, Gloria – Roberto’s wife and his two children.
It was so pretty and peaceful there we hated to leave but we still had a 100 mile drive back to Mazatlan so the evening had to end. What a wonderful day it was. Such a beautiful town, area and home and friends. 


  1. I love to hear of your many adventures. This sounded like a beautiful trip. Hope you do go to Guananto. I want to hear of your thoughts about this town and see the pics you will get. I am hoping to get there eventually.

  2. We both love Guanajuato have been there a couple of times in the past. check this link

  3. How fortunate that you are able to see things that most of us RVers never will. I love your travel plans idea thru Guanajuato and Queretaro. Go for it, who knows what the future will bring.