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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Scenery around Aticama

Our 188 mile trip to here.
Had some heavy rain and lots of thunder yesterday afternoon. And dark sky behind us – north – and rolls of thunder this morning. Supposed to get heavy rain again in a while and last off and on till Tuesday. At least it has cooled down to the mid 70s but still HUMID! Kind of hung out around here yesterday except for a short drive on the beach and then by road a ways south. This is heading north on the beach towards San Blas. No one out on the beach ‘cause of the weather.
Only went as far as where they are building a new wharf.
It happens to be right where the new Autopista from Tepic to San Blas will end.  Problem is the Autopista isn’t open yet. Maybe in March. Will sure make it a nicer easier trip to get here. Hope it does for the area what the Durango road is doing for Mazatlan. Then again maybe it will bring too much progress.
Some serious building going on.
We turned around and head back south towards Aticama, passing the RV park.
Over the sand and up the hill to the dirt road heading into town.

Passed some of the oyster fishermen out getting their catch for the day. They use inner tubes with a net attached to hold the oysters.
Just a view of the ocean.
A mural we went by – don’t remember from last time.
Another view of ocean and tropical growth.
One of many banana plantations.
Look at the fence posts – they are growing into trees. Stick it in the dirt and it grows here.
A view of little river at edge of Aticama – for those of you who read Tioga and George this is where he stayed at lot while here. In fact it is where we met him. Now there are palapas built there.
Driving north through Aticama. Here too the road has been repaved. Thank goodness it was really bad a few years ago.
Pass these guys sitting in the shade of a dump truck. The boy is sitting the man is working on something.
Today we hope to get into San Blas to the market, but kind of waiting for the weather to stop being so Wet! 

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