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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Leaving Mazatlan tomorrow

 BREAKING NEWS – we are leaving Mazatlan tomorrow on our way to Aticama – in the Alfa. Yah, I know first I said we would go then I said we would stay here until February – Plans are made to be changed.
So today we spent getting last minute stuff done. Going to ATM, picking up laundry and stocking up on supplies from Sam’s Club and WalMart. Not a whole lot of selection in San Blas or Aticama. Also went out to breakfast and then cleaned and repacked everything in the Alfa. It’s only noon and I’m worn out…
The weather here has finally changed from cool and cloudy and rainy to blue sky, sun and hotter. Today there is a wind though so it is not so hot.
Over the weekend we returned to El Quelite for breakfast with our friends Janet and Ron – it was a dark and gray day when we left the campground.
And raining by the time we reached El Quelite’s arch. The new road is completely done now. But has a rather large change of elevation. Best not be going fast when you go over it.
They did a really nice smooth job paving the road.
The older man out cooking his chicharrones (pork skin) rain or shine he has people lined up waiting for them to be done. On our way out we stopped and were going to buy some – he was sold out.
Much to our surprise it was really busy again. And very few gringos there.
Want a burro or horse ride? And they have the right of way.
We sat outside under the umbrellas – made sure we were well under the umbrellas – no rain, no iguana poo.
Even had entertainment while eating.
And a pleasant surprise for us – we ran into nurses from the hospital Bill was in last year, So nice to see them. Luci and Juan
The new addition across the wash now has furniture. And no ducks. 
Did a double take when seeing this Christmas basket.
Yes she is real.
These beautiful flowers are all over El Quelite - so pretty.
Last night we went out to dinner at Panama and took Ron and Janet for their last ride along the Malecón and through the Centro Historico. We’ll miss them. 
Next blog should be from Aticama.


  1. love that little town and the pretty flowers. Looking forward to your next adventure.